true story.

my grandmother
was cleaning out her attic
and found a rolled up
litho of gandhi.

it was bit torn
and warped by water
so she gave it to
my mother

my mother was
like "no $%#@"
this is a shahn!

and got it

gandhi's tiny feet
boney hands &
long torso

and shahn's
signature red

makes my
heart sing.


are these
architectural forms
dated or timeless?

"the regulating line is a
guarantee against wilfulness.

it brings satisfaction
to the understanding."

le corbusier
towards a new architecture


the metz




luca guadagnino
and tilda swinton

ps: raf simmons of
jil sander did the


Amica Italia 0310
ph: mark pillai


there's something so
non-fussy about paris
apartments and their
baroque details

understated elegance.

just like paris street style,
every american knows it's
impossible to replicate.

the french keep
a beautiful secret.

photos via:


contrast of extension

reading /seeing
a bit of albers
and itten

color is
on my mind.

Maria Zaikina
lanschaft mit haus
via kept ephemera

more here

ps: die antwoord &
more dance gems
via ribbons


just dropped on the web
TBM for converse

olivia is such
a cool girl
just 16.

"I put the chaos
and confusion of
high school on film"


noguchi akari lamps


never been into
mid century lamps.

i prefer a paper glow
or something very victorian
that throws off a minimalist space

i'm saving up.

until then
I'll either make
this in silver

or this
maison margiela
lamp in clear

ps: akari lamps
remind me of 1960's
astronaut space pods.


i wish i was
half as courageous
as margaret moth
8.21.51 - 3.21.10

moth was very much
a woman behind
the camera

bardot hair
tough as nails.


mike cerre:

"One of the characters
I had to elbow past in the field
and wherever they broke out
the brandy and cigars in the
absence of food and shelter
for the night.

Testimony to the
durability of mascara."

part I
part II


fair winds and a following sea!

the plastiki set sail
from the SF bay
on saturday

with a storage
cylinder of greens!


TBM who made
this beautiful short
for the plastiki team
was there to capture
the farewell & salute
our modern day

2 or 3 is
going to track the
crew's 11,000 mile
voyage to sydney

on a boat
made out of
plastic bottles!

this will be
an incredibly
risky voyage

the crew
will cross the great
pacific garbage patch
and other ecological sites
to bring attention to
what we are doing
to our planet.

this is
an adventure
worth following.

the crew

david de rothschild - leader
jo royle - skipper / david thomson - co skipper
olav heyerdahl - diver / vern moen - filmmaker
max jourdan - national geographic filmmaker

credit: tyler manson
the new yorker
thessaly la force &
menghan wu



surprise surprise.
my new favorite book

no need to fill
a visual conversation
with chit chat

carine collin
is not afraid of
white space

via minimalissimo

enjoy your weekend.


throw a sweater over it


dries van noten
"vertigo" f 10

grease 2 may be
the corniest film
in history.

but i remember being
so inspired by michelle pfeiffer's
black sunglasses, red lips and
rolled up sweaters with skirts
and cropped pants

too cool
for school

ps: isabel marant


their grandparents
were modernists

cobble hill apartment
ph: leigh davis

they got most of
the furniture and art
from their cool elders

this website
is very lovely


8 natural handstands
via r4th

robert kinmont

women are heroes

we are the world

ps: i don't recognize
many of the singers today.
omg bruce springsteen! 2:13
do you have a favorite?


"my mother's perfect
little black dress"

heavy as lead"

i visited jeannette
in rome this fall.

I caught her
as she was finishing
her latest photo book
my mother's clothes

indeed a departure
from the grit and grime
of downtown nyc

jeannette captures the moment
of going through her mother's closet
and finding no other place
but the bed, the chair,
the rug or even
the window

to document the
many garments
of her mother's
life in fashion.

has always been a
jeans and white t-shirt
kind of gal.

while her mother
was a high society
coca cola belle with an
illustrious wardrobe of
ysl, bill blass, pucci,
and norman norell.

jeannette's mother
was slowly departing
this world with Alzheimers
but was able to piece through
her incredible designer collection
and share a final story about
each item she owned
and loved.

fashion may seem frivolous,
but in ellie's case it was a passion,
a creative outlet for a georgian
housewife who truly saw an
art in "playing the part"

"she was not a socialite,
that's the wrong word.

she was a woman who used

her influence to get
things done."

an excerpt from
my mother's clothes
jeannette montgomery barron


jean-michel basquiat, 1984

jeannette and my mother
lived new york 1980's.
in the fullest sense.

i've heard many
crazy stories

but jeannette
captured the era
better than anyone.

sometimes i sit
cross legged like this.
its nice to know i'm
not the only one.

in action

ps: david bowie
and jeffrey wright need
to be on screen more.

"wanna buy some
ignorant art"?

ph: jeannette
montgomery barron

basquiat, 1984, keith haring, 1985,
salome, 1983, burroughs, 1985,
francesco clemente, 1981


oh man.
has that time
really come.

my favorite shoe

is on its last leg.

its just a matter
of days

someone approached
a few weeks ago and
asked about them

i almost cried.

for my
perfectly fitted
canvas boat shoes.

in beige.

and for my
secret nyc shoe spot

that recently closed.

All i can say
is that
a cobbler in the village
happened to have a penchant
old boat shoes.
he was gold.

sperry no longer
makes them
so narrow and light.

maybe i will write
tops a love letter
and they will feel my pain,
dig through
their warehouse
and send
me an old pair.