desert life

dusty brown dirt,
mangy dogs, pacifico beer
dinner looking onto the fields,
long siestas under palapa,
agave, giant spiders!
friendly people

in bed at 9pm

2 weeks in mexico
is quite a luxury after
an intense fall.

ps: reading
the keith richard's
book "life"


in need
of mexico

adobe, tortillas,
poinsettias, agave,
la virgen de guadalupe
cobblestones, noche buena
procession of the pilgrims
candles & pastorales

6 more days
of concrete

playing with
pastels until then


i have 2 bags

a tote and a
leather satchel

it couldn't
be more simple.
one aids as a purse
and the canvas tote
carries things,
lots of things

I was in a wood
shop yesterday and
a very manly man
commented on
both of my

i was flattered
because not often
does design speak to
a universal beauty.

he reaffirmed
the importance
of a good bag.

without a question
my makr is my most
loyal companion.

built to last

image credit: makr carry goods