blue skies, blue sea
and sand all around

my dad's land is now growing
maize, frijoles and sweet potatoes.
 There he is above, with my sister,
filming the surfers at pastora.

the waves have
been huge.

 at night, our windows
rattle with the shore break.


mexico bound

mexico manana

i wish i had faith
there's nothing like
christmas eve mass
in mexico.

is also an experience

off to the
baja desert


walt cotten

he used to tell me
he got claustrophobic
when there were too
many trees around.

walt cotten
was a true boy
of the desert.

walt always liked
being on top of the world,
places of long vistas


wide   open   spaces

words by beth nelson

1. unknown
2. desert gloves by walt cotten
3. walt's studio, molino street, LA by beth nelson
4. walt's studio, molino street, LA by beth nelson
5. beth in sevilla by paul redmond
6. muley point by walt cotten


found my animal

on a walk with
found my animal

you get a better hold
and a better look
with some jute

my friend
bethany makes
rope leashes for
adopted dogs

and you can wrap
the rope around your body for
a more comfortable hold,
like a fisherman.

this is how
we did it in mexico.
it made our little guy
look a bit tougher.
rip DUKE

studio toogood

 studio toogood

I'm going to say it
right here and right now.

I want to work
for toogood.

ph: tom mannion


Kate Moss at 15 by corrine daye

15 by corrine day


"i was just having a laugh.
Corrine just wanted to bring out
everything that i hated
when i was 15.

my bow legs,
the mole on my breast
 the way i laughed."

- kate moss

ph: corrine day, kate, 1990

les halles

les halles

before les halles,
the "belly of paris"
was torn down

for 800 years
les halles was the
central wholesale
market of paris


brewing revolution
with its pungent cheeses,
loitering thieves, lively cafés
and jungle of steel arcades.

"sending the blood of life
through every vein of the city"

 emile zola 


can't live without
a triangle and t square

a glue stick!

what are
your tools?

just 1 prop
a chair.

charlotte gainsbourg
a model of simplicity

5:55 and IRM


confetti system

a cold ny day,
but with confetti

jjjulie in her studio
wrapping a pinata for

we couldn't
bear to take off
our coats.

is also at maryam

ps: one day
i will have a wall
dressed in confetti

"The City is an addictive machine
from which there is no escape."

-rem koolhaas
delirious new york

it was not enough
to just visit nyc.

 the city cast a spell
on me some years ago.

it makes me


the lady at dosa

spotted the perfect
70's pioneer outfit in
Los Angeles

just one glance from
two true americans
and i'm inspired

ph: maria moyer
los angeles