found my animal

on a walk with
found my animal

you get a better hold
and a better look
with some jute

my friend
bethany makes
rope leashes for
adopted dogs

and you can wrap
the rope around your body for
a more comfortable hold,
like a fisherman.

this is how
we did it in mexico.
it made our little guy
look a bit tougher.
rip DUKE


The Art Cupboard said...

cute i love these photos :)

Maia said...

Thanks for this link. I love these leashes and am going to buy one, even though our last adopted dog is in his last years and no longer as active as he was. We've always adopted our pets, and will adopt again, and this is something we'll keep.

Anonymous said...

I found my dog in Pescadero, Baja CA Sur. We went sans leash until the US.

Kristin said...

I love the Found dog leashes. I added one to my Christmas wish list, but have decided that I will purchase one if I don't receive it as a gift. My terrier-mut Nigel could use some edge.

Lark said...

Yay for dogs! Yay for when they are sleeping!

Annaliese said...

I am deff going to have to get these for my two boys!! Thank you to you for spreading the good word and thanks to your friend for a wonderful project!