power, corruption, lies

Ignace-Henri-Théodore Fantin-Latour


peter saville's
new order’s 1983 album
‘power, corruption & lies

the weight and
darkness of flowers.

via the blue hour


” English is for business,
Spanish is for working,
Italian is for fighting

and French is
for lovemaking”

Gian Franco Brione
costa careyes, mexico

Gian Franco
photographed by
nancy neil

it's been 3 years now
since nancy photographed
my sister's wedding

she is
the best!



we were fishing
in a lake last

darkness fell

i turned on
billie holiday
on my phone

i left it loose in
the pocket of
my jacket

and it sounded
like an old radio

and we paddled
and we paddled

and we drifted

within the shelter
of trees

and we drifted

from time

and man
did it ever
sound so

employing the
latest technology
in the oldest way

who says
we can't create
our own world within
the modern world

catalina pabón

pastel on paper
25 x 45 cm


long hair, long johns

"Jim Bridwell had
a quiver of silk scarves
and he gave me one he thought
suited my personality

bold, but unpretentious.

With hair cuts far and
few between, these scarves
kept our long hair tied back
and, over time, became
part of our style."

- Mike Graham

makes me think
of my super talented
cousin hayden kennedy
who is probably 15,000 ft
on some mountain
right now

following the path
of his parents, hayden has
traveled the world since he
was a child climbing the
most insane rock faces.

and over the years,
it's been fascinating to
peer into their subculture
of climbers and adventurists

real style
in my

so I was flipping through
dean fidelman's photos the other
day and it reminded of my sweet cuz
who I worry about everyday,

but I know hayden is
seeing and doing things
that many 21 year olds
never have the chance
to experience

hayden is
truly living life
to it's fullest.

he ain't
missing anything
in new york city


the stonemasters
must have been some
sort of inspiration to
BOS fall 2011

and check out
my aunt's amazing
film festival in

5 point



layer your mats

its easy
to get stuck on
natural fiber

it never talks
too loud or shows
too much

but now that
it's hot in new york,
one can no longer
be modest.

layer it up.

go bold.

get sweaty

get funky.

101 spring st

photographs by
elizabeth felicella

essay by judd
in 1989

design observer
via nominal commune






i apologize for
my absence.

i took a week break
from my computer to visit
home, hike and explore
some new landscapes.

big sur was
wild and bursting
with colorful flowers
and the rocky cliffs
were as stunning as
I had remembered

have u been?

Big Sur and the Oranges
of Hieronymus Bosch

henry miller