i try to blog

but sometimes
i just can't

why push it.

i shall wait until
i have something
good for you


heat wave

the vandellas and tina
look so cool in their dresses
dancing ever so smoothly.

and i was just introduced
to big mama thornton

they're helping me
me get through
this heat.


dear katy perry, miley,
rhianna, aguilera, etc

(gaga is an exception)

learn from
these women.

your voices would be
much cooler without all
the props, costumes
and gimmicks.

hyper sexuality is not
exactly sexy.


it's funny.
because this is
where i grew up.

watch out!

i miss
city lights

There are going to be times
when we can't wait for somebody.

Now, you're either
on the bus or off the bus.

If you're on the bus,
and you get left behind,
then you'll find it again.

If you're off the bus in the first place
— then it won't make a damn.

Tom Wolfe
The Electric Kool-Aid
Acid Test

ps: the use of the words
anglo & voluptuous

and did you read?
the school girl was cast
as an alley cat in a play
before running away.

i think that's pretty
damn funny &


to feel completely at ease
in your own private moment

exit through the gift shop

banksy really
is the real deal.

and i'll be honest.
I didn't want to
believe it.

he radiates a level
authenticity I can't
quite pinpoint.

and says
brilliant things
in a matter-of-fact
kind of way

what stands out,
is that unlike most artists,
banksy really doesn't over-think
his words or talk ironically to assert
some kind of cocky authority
over the graffiti scene.

he seems at
ease with himself
and his work.

do you know
what i mean?


i want to be here.

let's just call this
stormy monday blues.

and tuesday
is just as bad.


father's day

for my father

who can wear a
chemical suit for
3 months straight
in the desert

who inspires me
to write everyday

to tell the story as it is

the most honest
loyal and creative man
i shall ever know

he ain't no

my father's life is one
big adventure

and i'm so damn lucky
that he has always
brought us along
for the ride.

love you.

the day is yours
patrick doyle


i was feeling kinda blue
until i saw this.

ps: not sure
how i feel about
coppola's new film

it looks like another
take on lost in translation.
yet something is missing
this time around.

what do you
think of the trailer?


i shall always live
in walking distance of
food, entertainment
and culture.

cars congest.

big cars, like SUV's
can crush lives in
a split second.

cars sustain
like BP

cars spread things out
so that you have no choice
but to use them.

i may have been
the only 16 year old
who had to be dragged
to the DMV to get
a license.

i preferred riding
the city bus

that way i could
watch people,
draw a bit.

i liked being
part of the public.
feeling the pulse
of america.

my grandma
thought i was weird
and would give me bus
tickets for my birthday.
it was awesome.

ph: nicholai howalt


if you drive to a
farmer's market

it's like taking
one step forward.
2 steps backwards.


loosening up

loosening up

fashion doesn't
have to be so severe

take your shoes off
at the party.

glam it up.

it's about
long dresses

ralph lauren
and the row
for fall

resort 11
with chanel
& phillip lim

ps: feel the cool


the oil spill in a photo

i can't take it

and yet it still continues
to stream
with no end in sight

how can we
help the clean-up
from home?


ph: charlie riedel/AP


jack halloway

anatomy of an object

"sun weathered urchin spines
procured from the dump of a
rural fishing camp in Baja"

jack halloway
always makes beautiful
things out of the most
humble materials.

his home is like
a laboratory

ph: jack halloway
(under construction)
& maura mcevoy

ps: art forms from the ocean:
the radiolarian atlas of 1862

by ernst haeckel


sound is a beautiful thing
unique to each individual

images from
joey roth's ICFF
presentation in NY


i love how the
volume controller
in the bottom image
looks like a man-made
monument eroded
by years of salt
and sea.

that's right

speakers have
to live a little

new and
shiny gadgets
are old news.


elliott's war

while some of us go
to the beach and relax
on memorial day

others are still
over there.


as well as

back in 2006,
my sister, lauren cerre,
did an incredible story on
a young, optimistic marine
my father met while he
was embedded in iraq
during the invasion.

elliott now fights
an everyday battle
he never anticipated
back home in

post traumatic stress disorder
is a war wound we don't
hear enough about.

1 in 8
troops returning
from the middle east
have PTSD.

"the war within"

elliott is
just 1 story


i must say,
i shed a few tears
watching this piece again.

it's still so haunting
to see my father's footage
and to hear his voice at times
in the audio track.

it brings back so
many memories.

4 months of
not knowing what
was going to happen.