Brion Nuda Rosch

i've seen these around.

but bryon's work is by
no means old news.

it's good news

good news

jackson polluck's
drunk face

ps: blogging time
is messing up time

too much
info 24/7

too much

lots of snacks
but no real meals

i hate to feel like
i'm a proponent of this.

credit: Brion Nuda Rosch


the return of the
simple leather satchel

i've never been into
embellished bags.

i can barely
handle a tassel.

when i was a teen
i felt so weird shopping
with friends because i couldn't
find anything at the mall.

i kept quiet.
empty handed.

I would politely compliment
their new bags and clothes
call it "cute" whatever.

while deep down inside
i thought i was crazy.

it's weird because
i saw myself as incredibly feminine
but had no way of defining my style.
i leaned towards more "masculine"
pieces that were a bit quieter
and composed.

but i've always
hated the word:


i'm no stark crazy minimalist
who wears men's clothes
or conceptual frocks.

i'm no annie hall.

i like florals, pinks
and flowy dresses.
victorian laces!

i don't know what
to call it and who
really cares

why am i rambling
on and on?

what i want to point out,
is that i'm noticing a new wave
of designers exploring femininity
in quieter and less embellished forms.

the bag
for example:

jas mb
ally capellino
stephanie arpage
maison margiela

which bag
speaks to you?

images via timeless
and tommy ton


red listed fish

and i also dedicate
the month of may to:

the sea

why can't we
plug the oil leak?
we're now on the
5th strategy.

we all know that
a band aid neither
prevents or heals
a wound.

ph: rob kusliek

ps: the cove
is an important
film to see.



a cross between
peter beard, great gatsby
and jean pierre léaud
in 400 blows


rob kulisek


i dedicate
the month of may
to the baron-wells boys

they're a swell bunch.

clean cut too.

self portrait

ph: rob kusliek



i'm back.

i like what's happening
below the yellow painting.

not much.

but somehow

luis barragán
mexico city

via ouno

ps: i'm so glad
you liked the book.
to clarify, mozart was a
personal project and
thus not for sale.

but maybe
one day!


is the title of
my first little book

going down to
georgia today

where i will
go swimming and
hang out with my
rad grandmother.

morning grits
with lots & lots
of cheese is the
absolute best.

for the hot weather,
i've got my eyes on this
isabel marant bikini
and rachel comey





david lynch
made a keepsake
box for a friend


joey roth,
the designer of
my favorite speakers
is curating an event
for ICFF design
week in nyc.

9 designers and 5 musicians
reinterperate the ceramic speakers,
modify and reshape using their
own visual languages.

david lynch is
one of them

i'm going!
monday, may 17

427 w. 14th st



the new prep

baron wells
collared shirts
with skirts

a different kind of girl
at the country club

no lily pulitzer

everyone's got their
eye on the girl with
the bow tie.

what would be
her name?

what would she
be reading?

listening to?

tell me her
story in 3 sentences

baron wells

photo credits:

1) rob kulisek (rsk)
2) mads madsen (mpm)
3) rsk
4) david gulden
5) rsk
6) rsk
7) rsk
8) mpm


sarah mutch
karina gubanova


Architecture and war
are not incompatible.

Architecture is war.
War is architecture.

I am at war with my time, with history,
with all authority that resides in
fixed and frightened forms.

I am one of millions
who do not fit in,

who have no home,
no family, no doctrine,
no firm place to call my own,
no known beginning or end,

no "sacred and
primordial site."

I declare war on all icons and finalities,
on all histories that would chain me
with my own falseness,
my own pitiful fears.

I know only moments,
and lifetimes that are as moments,
and forms that appear with infinite strength,
then "melt into air."

I am an architect,
a constructor of worlds,
a sensualist who worships the flesh,
the melody, a silhouette against
the darkening sky.

I cannot know your name.
Nor you can know mine.

Tomorrow, we begin together
the construction of a city.

excerpt from:
war and architecture 2002
lebbeus woods

i still remember
the lecture he gave
at the guggenheim
5 years or so ago.


a familial bond

i've always loved
the connection between
jane, charlotte & lou

it shines through their
body language, work and
camera presence etc.

it's very appealing.
and very honest.

you can't
say that about
many celebrities.

via fashion spot