why do I make such
blanket, broad, vague
ambiguous statements?

1. i'm inarticulate
2. i'm changing

I'm unable to
express a new shift
in my aesthetic.

what once was boring
to me has suddenly become
illuminating, enlightening
my greatest muse yet!

has this ever happened to you?

I'm embarrassed to say
that I have built a building
without a foundation.

in school,
i slept through all of
classical european art and
awoke for 20th century

I must relearn the abc's
remix my palette, change
my tennis grip, etc. ha!

I need your help

share with me
1 thing i should know
about the early days of art.

...an artist, a painting
an event, a town, a method,
that you think is invaluable to
the history art and the way we
perceive the world today...

top: francois halard
bottom images via mozart


it's beautiful here, isn't it...

luigi ghirri

there is something about european art.

can you help
me pin point it?

I have this feeling
that we americans,
never quite get it.
or achieve it

even when we try.

the following posts
will share a common thread

carl jung
guy maddin
federico fellini
isabella rosselini

mid-century is overplayed.
I would like to see more surreal,
classical, dare i say, baroque interiors?

(ouch, i just bit my tongue)

ah, what the hell!

give me history
irony, passion,

dare to be honest


belarusian towels


all kinds of wood stacks
over at the fat of the land


jeanne moreau

1. when she paces the
streets to miles davis in
l'ascenseur pour l'échafaud

2. dresses in ultra victorian
and masculine wear
in jules et jim.

3. and sings


the amazing technicolor dreamcoat

gravel & gold

when I return to the bay
it's a necessity to visit the gold girls.
Lisa, Cassie and Nile represent
everything I love about SF

warm, funky

from my mother's stories,
gravel & gold makes me think
of the first hippie dress shops
in mill valley, sausalito
haight ashbury

augustin lesage
and the mamas of
the papas opening
a store together

no new age hippie garb here.
they have an incredibly sophisticated
sensibility for local craft, vintage
textiles, and striped shirts

stop by
say hi


the spice islands


pronounced memories
of taste, touch, smell, sight

thinking of the days
when i was a little
one in indonesia

sticky skin
sticky pink rice
sticky rainforest

tea tree oil
mosquito nets

and palms were
used as unbrellas

and you?

taste, touch & smell
of childhood...

artist: jessica williams
hemp net: asakaya


pared down elegance

mats gustafson

like the salty taste
of holy water

humble yet sacred

so they say...
water was made into wine.

not the reverse


a crime scene of food

just got home

the wedding was epic

i'll give you an update
once I get some sleep


a dress story

when i was 18
my mother's friend, lusia,
from Milan, gave me the first
dress she ever made.

an original
liberty print.

luisa is now a big
designer so it means
a lot to be the sole owner
of this incredible piece.

although, i've never worn it.
maybe because I was saving
it for an occasion like this.

I like to stick my hands
in its deep pockets

so bohemian

ps: I would share more pics
but I know some of you
will be at the wedding!


sorry for being so absent

i'm in ojai for
my sister's wedding

this whole week is a lot like
that movie rachel getting married.
lots of good friends, musicians, mattson 2
a continuous wedding celebration!

ps: i've never felt like a new yorker until now.
i'm sure I stick out like a sore thumb
around all these pure blood
california surfer folks

like woody allen
visiting annie hall
in los angeles.


Iris Bodemer front page by karin eriksson.

driving down to ojai today

not sure if I
will have internet
down there.

iris bodemer


point - never

Issue 00

32p stitched
b&w on salmon pink
First Edition. Edition of 50.
Published by Point Never Press

Ryan Heywood, John Isaac,
Mark Warren Jacques, Alex Kopps,
Josh Lazcano, Richard Sarson, Nicholas Venaglia
In California Being Young Is Everything
by Michael Fordham


sometimes you just need to cut
the surfer out of the wave

and add more water

1. a gift from a talented friend
Marialidia Marcotulli

2. mom's succulent
3. a mushroom