i'm inspired by the southwest

and what can be
painted on a surfboard

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190 million years of layers

utah / arizona

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photo: © spencer weiner


...so I'm helping my mother
look for chartreuse pieces.

she has been collecting
vintage chartreuse for years now.
yet we need more for my
sister's wedding.

she wants to scatter
them across the tables
along with succulents
and lavender.

if you see
ANY chartreuse,

ps: where the wild things are



the story of
yves saint laurent's

by ivan terestchenko

"The glasses were sitting on his
desk in the sanctuary of his bedroom.
They were lying there as if the
landlord would pick them up.

They were his eyes.

What can be more relevant

to such a man and more personal?

I took the glasses and put them on a stool in the hall.

I moved the glasses like I would have moved
man to a place where the light is better.

A post mortem portrait

This was last august,
Saint Laurent had died 1st of June.

That's the story of these glasses."



photo © Ivan Terestchenko

keeping it vernacular

Turnbull Griffin Hesloop
stay close to their sea ranch roots.

atherton residence

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a room with a view

he travels
200 days per year
and takes a photo out
of each hotel room he is in.

gerry beckley
is from the group America
he collects vintage tennis shoes
and is one of the nicest people
I've met through this blog.

a few things
he shared with me

1. photos.
the pictures started as a way to stay in touch
with friends & family. here's where I am today
& this is what it looks like out my window.

2. home is fluid.
both my band partner dewey and I
grew up in service families (air force)
as i child I moved every couple of years
... to me, home is a feeling, not a place...

i have found home
in the most surprising of places,
telling me that it's inside of me,
more than anywhere else.

3. collecting tennis shoes.
I spent most of my youth in england.
I played tennis from a very early age into my teens.
we wore very simple canvas plimsoles
or at most dunlop volleys.

that's how it all got started.
I lived in those shoes.

I'm even wearing them
on our first album cover from 1971.

As with all things shoe styles progressed.
it became harder to find these simple old style shoes
so whenever I found a pair I figured I better pick them up
this carried on through my travels, australia... south america
until before I knew it I had far more than I really needed.

4. things I carry always.
... a camera(s)

my best,




watch this
beautiful trailer
by the very creative
filmmakers, Tyler Manson
and Dustin Lynn


david de rothschild is
constructing a 60ft catamaran
out of 13,000 plastic bottles
to bring awareness
to waste

they will set sail
from san francisco
to austrailia

stay tuned.

remember the Kon-Tiki?


is a good name

i have this problem.

I often skip words when
i write or read..you can see
it happen on this blog


i just get too anxious
and jump ahead of myself

some call it dyslexia.

but maybe I just
need to slow slow down.
not worry about the final result,
and find the patience to enjoy
the means to the end.


art and what...?

because in baja
art is only art,
with beer.

casa dracula

if I had money,
and was a bit older,
I would move down to
mexico and make this old
building into my home

I know exactly what
I would do with it.


paired down
italian Renaissance
for the dark cavernous
interior spaces


stamp & build

I often sign my
name with a chop
I had carved in china

i like the idea of
putting everything
you need to say in
one square box.

itis edition