stamp & build

I often sign my
name with a chop
I had carved in china

i like the idea of
putting everything
you need to say in
one square box.

itis edition


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

have you seen these sets of stamps yet they are pretty cool as well



Maia said...

Love the chops. Our daughter has one that was carved in China when we first met her. It's beautiful and has a pig carved into the jade at the top for her birth year.
An architectural version definitely speaks to me.

John M said...

that is the coolest stamp set I've ever seen!

Nikki Hardin said...

I'm reading a novel about a Chinese artist and was just wishing I had a chop of my own!

Anonymous said...

Navy sniperswow goldfatally shotwow goldthree pirateswow goldholding an Americanwow goldcargo-ship captain

globi said...