no frills, fuss or cutesy embellishments,
I like graphically bold + simple stationary
...and it's been hard to find

Yet these brown industrial envelopes
were nice to find on Etsy


Agnes B

A long awaited tribute to Godard and to cinema's one of a kind,
Anna Karina.
If you haven't already noticed
I'm a big fan of Godard...and all those nouvelle vaguers
When I lived in Paris, I watched films nearly everyday
sometimes 3 a day.
As a result, the only French I learned was from cinema
While I could repeat Karina's existential jargon in french
...and wear red stocking with a trench
I could barely ask for directions on the street
but I guess it was alright that way.
I didn't mind being an outsider, nor an american tourist
I had cinema,
and that's all I really needed to enjoy Paris.


Agnes B has replicated the very dress I have loved for so long
San Francisco, Mission
moving into a new space

Lauren is my sister
Tyler is a filmmaker

together, they collect lots of great things
art work by thomas campbell, kyle field
and some other california artist friends

2 or 3 things...

They like the "SAFEWAY" sign that lights up at night
I like the Walker Evans photograph, or is it from The Grapes of Wrath?
They like the wall of salvaged wood pieces
I like the 1940's style kitchen nook
we always like succulents

so good.



Simply Wood Rings

An appropriate name, for exactly what they are:
simple rings

I love how the designer puts it:

"Much of the lumber used is sourced from other crafts people. Lumber such as that from the elegant neck of a violin that had its beginnings filling orchestra halls with sounds that soothed the human soul, or the wood from the baseball bat of a mothers' young son. All the material used to make these rings had a previous noble life before their transformation to a new life of beauty. I handcraft every ring to bring out the warmth and honesty of the wood. I endeavor to maintain the original spirit of any wood that offers itself to evolve into something new such as a wedding ring, anniversary ring or just simply a celebration of the nature of the ring."

Ansel Adams

I'm very modest when it comes to jewelry
the only ring I wear and have ever worn
is one I received while living on a ranch in Kelly, Wyoming
The teton mountain range is hand carved across the band
and meets in the back as one
infinite line
beautiful, austere
it's a story in itself


...also on the walls of beijing

David Creedon
much like Robert Polidori's
abandoned Chernobyl classrooms and crumbling Cuban interiors,
Creedon captures the lingering mood of departure
in Ireland's rural areas within his hauntingly beautiful photo essay:
"Ghosts of the Faithful Departed"



I love these notebooks I purchased from
a market merchant in beijing

they are:

physically delicate
graphically bold


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Via Dezeen

, tent is home
Architects FAR frohn & rojas
designed the Wall House in Santiago de Chile

I have always found tents to be so architectural
simply zipping and unzipping a tent
folding the flap, adding the mosquito net and adjusting the stakes
suddenly changes the form and spatial composition of the tent

...and the variety of angles!

I love how all of this happens with such great simplicity and practicality


Beijing toys...just lying on the floor
I don't think these were recalled though. No polly-pockets here.
Just trains, plains and motorcycles with side cars; the good old stuff
and quite possibly
...some lead.


bits & pieces of my apartment, when I was still in school...


Fall 2007
I've got the blues for Lacoste
...and for these looks too

Matt Volla

One day at Mollusk, I stumbled upon
a Matt Volla surfboard
of unruly drawings

matt volla art

also, a sliver of san francisco now lives in brooklyn
walk along the waterfront of williamsburg to
metropolitan ave + river st
*Mollusk surf_nyc*