studien nach der natur,
citta ideale / city of sales,
& substitute no.4


love my mom's
recycled can-tab belt
made locally
in baja

and her classic
silver birkenstocks

speaking of family,
coco sumner sounds
a lot like her father.




juan ignacio moralejo
uses the internet better
than anyone.

I have followed
Juan's projects from
sede to postal
to molde to

and now

all brilliant.
quiet in a way.


and of the moment
like a traveler never
sure where next.

but with a strong belief
in continuing the journey
for what may lie ahead.

what I like most
about Juan, as a
designer and

is that he's not afraid
to terminate an idea.

physically delete a website
or cease a printed publication
so a new idea can grow
in it's place.

(always as thoughtful
and considered
as the last)

In this day in age
we must stay true
to our medium

the web is no
place for content
to linger, grow stale,
and collect dust.

and the same
can be said for print.

with creation
comes responsibility.


colonial elegance

in my dream life
it would be 1928

I would live
in the house of brick
with big old wooden doors

wear long dresses

weave ribbons
in my hair

open a theater!

and take my
red & blue boat out
for pearl diving.

and your
dream life?


i'm incredibly
proud to share with
you the latest film by
tyler manson.

its quite
rare to see such
quality filmmaking
and storytelling

and I'm not saying
this because tyler is
my bro in law.

or because i'm
a devoted follower
of Scott Schuman
"The Sartorialist"

everyone knows
that I'm very strict about
what i put on 2 or 3

and will go hungry for days,
not posting a thing and
I apologize for that.

but today
i finally feel
like I've caught
a real big fish

that is truly
inline with the
aesthetic of
this blog:

simple words
clean images and
a sensitive eye.

watch it big


in a few days
I will open up a dialogue
on the newest trend in advertising:
the subtle messaging of brands
via creative storytelling.

get ready.

director: tyler manson
director of photography: joseph aguirre

an ACNE production