loose strokes

oblique strategy
of the day:

discover the recipes
you are using and abandon them


new work
by saint verde


Tim Hetherington

we have lost
a remarkable
doc. filmmaker

Tim Hetherington
was killed in libya

I have been inspired
and moved by Tim's work
and determination to shed
light into the complex lives
of the soldiers at war.


of getty images and of
the award-winning image
"the exultant commander"
has also passed away from
his severe head wounds
in misurata, libya.

his life behind
the lens:

the loss of these
two journalists really
hits home.

my thoughts
are with all those
risking their lives
to tell the story
as it is.


images: Outpost films
and Chris Hondros for Getty

"the exultant commander"


GF Smith Print test by SEA and Field is one for every designers bookshelf.

a colorful dialogue

GF Smith Print test by SEA and Field is one for every designers bookshelf.

GF Smith Print test by SEA and Field is one for every designers bookshelf.

I can't begin
to express how
much i learn
from you

your comments
give me such a rich
perspective on the
complexities and
the intricacies
of life

such a great

a graphic designer
once told me:

"never fall in love your work
or you'll never be able to
take criticism"

same goes with
our opinions.

stand by them,
but don't latch
on too tightly

or you'll
keep running
into the same wall

image credit: Sea Design
via visuelle





lately, I've stopped
posting images of
interior spaces

as inspiring
and seductive
as they are

something in my gut
tells me that we're being
over-saturated with everyone's
too cool for school "undecorated"
whatever you call-it, living spaces.

it all kinda makes
me feel empty.


which is

i have so much.

does anyone
feel this?

images via hemma

On a couple of occasions,
I've been asked to have
my apt photographed

I guess it now comes with
the territory when you
have a design blog.

but are we all sharing
too much of ourselves?
with our status updates
tweets and every-day
outfit posts.

shouldn't we leave
a little to mystery?


my feelings are especially
conflicted because a part of me
thinks it's really incredible that
interiors and fashion are no
longer subjected to the
standards of the
glossy mags.

blogs have played
a huge part in making
design more accessible
and democratic

it's great to see
homes that come in all
shapes and sizes.

which reinforces
the idea that money
doesn't determine or
guarantee style

but is it really healthy
for us to be so focused on
how we live and what we wear
that we simply forget to just live
and enjoy what we have?


summer weights

le vestaire de clé

it's nice to watch
these sisters grow up

dressing as
cool as ever

they epitomize
the best of youth

as fleeting
as it may be

i promise we'll all
become young again
when may arrives

when this winter
looses it's grip.
sets us free.


by lars von tier

can't tell if it
will be god awful
or amazing

but i'm intrigued.

in need of
real cinematic drama,
doomsday romanticism.

the uncanny
the absurd

the over-dramatic

films feel too
real these days


these colors

what would you
call these rusty tones?

old italian
stationary store?


forget notebooks
I carry papers.


in an envelope

(if you don't get
this joke, you must
not be a lebowski fan)

but seriously dude.
I carry envelopes

notebooks ask too
much from me.

like using them
right side up



i can wear the same
thing everyday if i just
switch up my scarves

this would
be a nice addition
to my uniform