Tim Hetherington

we have lost
a remarkable
doc. filmmaker

Tim Hetherington
was killed in libya

I have been inspired
and moved by Tim's work
and determination to shed
light into the complex lives
of the soldiers at war.


of getty images and of
the award-winning image
"the exultant commander"
has also passed away from
his severe head wounds
in misurata, libya.

his life behind
the lens:

the loss of these
two journalists really
hits home.

my thoughts
are with all those
risking their lives
to tell the story
as it is.


images: Outpost films
and Chris Hondros for Getty

"the exultant commander"


Sara said...

thanks for posting this. reminds me why i come to YOUR blog- you bring your varied interests to us, links to your family letting us understand what influences you. 2or3 things we like about your interests. Thanks for honoring these brave people today.

Craig said...

This is very sad. If you have some spare time i recommend watching this video he put together back in 2010.  Pretty much sums up what these warriors go through on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Still shocked. Met Tim over a year ago at an event - a really passionate guy with a dry sense of humour. RIP

Anonymous said...

These photojournalist risk their lives everyday to make sure we know what happening in our ever changing world.

A very sad day indeed.

LaurenC said...

Thank you for your post. I love that you can post on beautiful interiors one day and important world events the next. You provide us with a great deal of knowledge.

wolfy said...

thank you for this . . .

lilyjohannah said...

'Creeping through the outpost came Tim, camera in hand, grabbing photographs of the soldiers as they slept. "You never see them like this," he said to me later. "They always look so tough, but when they're asleep they like little boys. They look the way their mothers probably remember them."
"Under Fire", DAZED&CONFUSED, Vol II. 90, October 2010.