meet dominique

she collects things

and styles things
and builds things

and is curious about everything

dominique baynes


would you wear
a pant suit in place
of a wedding dress?

chloe ss 09

my sister isn't
into the whole traditional
wedding dress thing.

i know she
would never go
for a pant suit, but
man, i think it would
be super cool & beautiful
to see a bride pull it off
in a very feminine way

would you take
a risk like that?

you know that time of day

via here


i pulled this off
the lehman bros website
back in sept, a few hours
after they announced

i kept it.

it was just so plain
so matter-of-fact

its a testament to
typography and to the
language of law when something
so colossal, so detrimental to our economy
and to human lives can look so
soulless so "un-sorry"
...so easy.

ps: domino folded

from mozart

"well, there it is"

my go-to line
from amadeus

my roommates
and i watched this
movie over and over
in our tiny 5 floor
apt on mulberry
street, nyc

ps: do you see
the exacto knife
on the mantel?



in praise of
crooked frames

and wood framing white

donald judd
via reference


thou shalt not fear
the darkness

or the momentary
journey downhill



love at first sight

the vintage
kitchen set and
butcher block from
my go-to prop company

just imagine
if you placed these
pieces in an all white
kitchen...the wood
would glow like

i can manage
no more than 6 pieces
of technical instructions.

anything above 6 is
beyond reason.

olympus pen
1962 model

if only life came
with such simple