meet dominique

she collects things

and styles things
and builds things

and is curious about everything

dominique baynes


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Cerré said...

I heart your comment.

thank you for sharing this.

im so sorry my post did not resonate with you.


homemade said...

I love this post.
Collections are fascinating things whatever they are, I particularly like the roman numerals and the 15 black dots and the little pile of stones with the buddha.
I too follow your blog regularly and have been inspired to start my own finally I have added you as one of my favourites.
best wishes

stephanie levy said...

Your blog is very beautiful. Everything is so well designed and thought out!

YHBHS said...

yeah, your blog among others inspired me to start my own, and it makes you realize how hard it is to document what inspires you.

thanks for inspiring us.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful collections and treasures. Thanks for a peak into the life, lifestyle and work of Dominique.

LaurenC said...

Love the numbers. Styling always strikes me as a really fun job. Must be nice to be around pretty things all the time.


Anonymous said...

Why was my comment deleted?

Erica Kelly said...

gorgeous! i don't think i could collect things and be so clean about it!