nothing is too humble for art


christina weber studio

chris collects leaves
from around the world

she is fascinated by
every detail, texture
color, imperfection

they're paintings
in themselves.

ph: nordeck photography


if you could sit on a
bench with someone
new every morning

who would it be


julius schulman

because I think he
understood architecture
better than architects

your turn...

refresh your browser

yesterday: everyday life objects shop

love the idea behind
the pop-up shop

remember ARCHIGRAM ?
plug-in-city, walking city, etc
give the people what they want!
beauty, surprise, pop, mobility
all in a signal moment.

and poof
it disappears!

a chance to refresh
creative renewal

pangea pop up
space 15 twenty
los angeles, ca

a special shout out
to the very talented
confetti system

Jewelry by Samma, AESA,
Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Deka Ray
All for the Mountain, Arielle de Pinto,
Dragneva, Daydream Nation, Elena Estaun
and Lizzie Fortunato Jewels

more pics


keep a close distance


from your subject matter

blowup1.jpg image by tuesdayweld

I always tell the girls never
take it seriously. If you never
take it seriously then you
get hurt. if you never get hurt then
you always have fun, and if you ever
get lonely you can just go to the
record store and visit
your friends.

excerpt from
almost famous

3rd photo: chiara balza


les demoiselles de hamilton

david hamilton is/was
a controversial figure in
the photography world

appropriate or not

I find his approach to
be very classical
respectful too

scans from the
1973 book

although today's
younger generation
of fashion photographer's
seem to be following in
his footsteps w/o
much dissent

times have changed,
but back in the 90's:

" a distinction must be
made between eroticism
and pornography; the media
have blurred the disparity to
an unforgivable degree..."

david hamilton
A distinction must be


we met in class
3 years back

day 1:
captivated by
his architectural

I've been a fan
of everything he
gets his hands on

this ring,
for example.


3 cook books

Cookbook  by Loraine@grijs.

Cookbook  by Loraine@grijs.

ph: grijis

minimal architecture
minimal food

2. olijfolie
just add
olive oil

3. simple food
the almanac

which cookbook
of yours is the dirtiest?
...the best.



This is Walter Cronkite. Good night.



when journalism
had poise

1916 - 2009

before scrolling headlines,
porn star hair news anchors
and sensational ramblings
of nothingness....there
was walter cronkite

i normally don't profile people

but growing up
in a journalist household,
i looked up to him.

cronkite had a
way with words

he had a backbone.

one could say
his unwavering
eloquence, integrity
and humanity
saved lives

to conclude,
a clip for you.

and for my dad...

Old anchormen, you see, don't fade away;
they just keep coming back for more
And that's the way it is.

Walter Chronkite
CBS farewell address
Friday, March 6, 1981

white forests

and light scatterings

kazuyo sejima
ryue nishizawa


junya ishigami



chicago's transit authority
installed curtains to protect
pedestrians from paint that
was being grinded away

Chicago behind the curtain: II by spudart.