how we try to communicate

is up to you.

even the illegible

ps: never say never
but, I will never
get a tattoo

tapestry: elana herzog


oh the warmth of
this summer night!

wind-swept lands of heather and moors

sam taylor-wood's
wuthering heights

exactly how i
remember the book

i also remember
my struggle to read it
in 9th grade.

i'm not sure if I liked it


are you...

yeti hunting in navy & red
finding the cure in black & blue
hitting the home run in grey & pink


wooing the lady in anthracite & light blue?


"rome is a movie, and klein did it"

said federico fellini

nights of cabiria was delayed
so fellini and william klein
strolled the streets
of rome.


much like
their protagonist
Cabiria played by
Giulietta Masina

above: unknown
bottom: william klein

I saw sari soldiers
the other night.

a maoist
a monarchist
an untouchable
a student activist
a human rights lawyer
a royal nepal army officer

6 fearless women
on 6 sides of an issue
determined to bring
peace to nepal.

the trailer
does not speak to
the power of this film.

I can't stop thinking
about these women


destroyed decades
of negatives and placed
the rest in a trash bag

at 92,
lilian has decided to
open up that trash bag

and revisit her work
one last time

it's hard not to show more

more denise

do you like reading
on the internet?

I'm just starting to
get used to it.

and it's not because
i'm a print snob or skeptical
of technology, but it's that i believe
in the importance of using the
internet as a tool.

and using the tool well.
with as much precision
and thought as it takes
to design a book
or magazine.

so it's a bit
disappointing when I
see my favorite magazines
and companies fail so terribly
when they move online, or blog.
It's like they forgot their aesthetic
and forgot how to layout content.
where are the editors that edit?

have you experienced this?

some sites "get it"
but a lot don't.

so we need to brainstorm
because online is the
future of media.

and imagine, someone
could potentially configure
a social networking site that
could direct people and $ to
social and humanitarian
issues on a mass scale.

what a tool it could be!

so what 3 ingredients
make a website successful?

[visually compelling
not too many pages
clean composition
more or less ads
not too wordy

or, simply point us
to a well executed site
that gets-it.

for all I know,
I may have lost you already






holds his own ground

winter 2009
assembly new york
ph: margo ducharme
by greg armas

On Aug 12, 2009,
at 12:45 AM, greg wrote:

Basically in and out of
society for the past thirty years
playing with legends bill dixon,
pharaoh sanders, sun ra...

I found him sitting
on a bench in front
of my house

new york's fun sometimes



the power of

you can say anything

does speaking behind
a veil make you more
more truthful? or...

"there's a reason why anonymity
is so often considered cowardly.

If you put your name and your other
identifying marks to things, you are instantly
obliged to be much more civil, circumspect and fair,
or you face consequences in the real world"


as you can see
a debate took place
not long ago

scroll down
to the comments

ps: under the veil


cigarettes, cendrillons and mutations

works based on
the marks left by time

julie krakowski


like a turn of the century
mexican portrait

a toast to my mother!

my sister's wedding
was a serious grassroots effort!

with a little help
from our friends


nancy neil

wedding dress:
lisa & sophie vena cava
music: mattson 2 & ray barbee
dj: garrett colton & alex foulton
and matthew blitzer on guitar

styling: gina cerre
flowers: jody kennedy
roses from rose story farm
lavender from rivendell

succulent heart: helie & joe
graphics: chris weber

food: richard & ginger maxwell
local produce from "BD" Dautch
mendecino rare earth organic wine
and the strawberry short cake!
baked by robin riley

Thacher School, Ojai