The sweet vintage dress on ebay
and the bedroom of my dreams
via decor8




Absolutely beautiful
architecture, flower pots,
and sheer white curtain walls.
This is my new favorite book.


Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa


Looking for "life-size" linens on ebay,
I stumbled upon this vintage
doll house bed quilt.
Quite graphic.

...thinking of china
and this red railing
in Shanghai


I love this Salvation Army find:
A woman with her rosary beads,
immaculate and covered,
now hanging in my
living room


A Pantone color guide for Quebec City, QC

"Revealing Urban Colours"
By Todd Falkowsky

Ah, the color palettes of our cities!
Graphically speaking, I think it is so interesting
to distinguish the color sequence
of a particular city.

For me,
Paris is grey
New York is soot brown
Stockholm is burnt copper
and San Francisco is a rainbow of pastels

via: The Walrus


Good morning Lauren!
I thought you'd like to wake up
and see your own bedroom staring
right back at you.

(note her new Weinrib carpet)


4 coats, 3/4 sleeve


Les Prairies des Paris
Opening Ceremony
3.1 Phillip Lim

Spring forward...
When I think of a great cut jacket
I think of Yves saint Laurent
(classic yet other-worldly)
fittingly shown at
Le Grand Palais


My morning in the Bowery
continued with a stop at the
New 235 Bowery Museum

For a good long moment,
I stared at the great verticality of the building.
I stared at a young man's bright purple pants.
And I stared at cinema's one-of-a-kind,
Maggie Cheung, standing so casually
beside me.

2 or 3 things...

I liked the museum's architecture,
designed by Japanese firm SANAA
I liked the Wolff Olins graphic campaign
(thus, I kept my beautiful ticket stub)
I liked the colorful bathroom tiles,
as I photographed above.

...and yet, I disliked all the art

New + Old
Bond St.

Let's just say, the Bowery
ain't the Bowery anymore.

the old cast-iron hood has new neighbors.
Rather precocious impersonators;
borderline presumptuous...a bit fresh
(which ever way you read it)



Sigur Rós
returns home


'at home' / 'homeland'

After years of traveling the globe,
the Icelandic Alt. rock group, Sigur Rós,
longed to return home and play for the
very country and people who helped
cultivate their distinct sound.

The beautiful film, Heima,
documents the 2 week journey of Sigur Rós
as they played free, unannounced concerts for
the people and places that make up "home".
Whether it was in old factories, community halls,
barely fields, or at the foot of majestic mountains,
old & young grabbed a blanket
and listened to their famed-boys
play just for them.

watch trailer
The film has a beautifully
eerie "Pink Floyd" feeling


Anarchy Rules
"Punk House: Interiors in Anarchy"
by Abby Banks

...so a little chaos is fun.
Sometimes I feel a bit burdened
by the esteemed world of design.
So I think my style tends to fall between:
clean elegance + pack-rat eclecticism.
I try to control my piles and random collections,
but maybe I should embrace it more?
perfection is kinda boring...much less,

I think of Archigram's
psychedelic urban wanderings
...and these "makeshift-decor" spaces
photographed by Bilyana Dimitrova

These interiors feel like a Bernardo Bertolucci film:
passionate, surreal, spontaneous, unrestrained
Didn't our dadaist-friend, André Breton,
call this" automatism"?

Give me day-glow pink!
Electric Acid Kool-Aid Test


~bedroom nook~

The canopy looks like
Marimekko, and it's on Ebay
Cotton "Kaivo" $38/yd
here and here

(photo credit: Simon Upton)


A Bronx Tale

An abandoned 16-room Bronx mansion,
previously owned by Williams Evers,
was just bought by a young family for $675,000
Practically untouched for decades, the
house is just radiating mystery
...and tedious renovation!

(NY Times photo credits: Christian Hansen)