the only thing on our table
is a basket of limes.

and i'm digging
small windows
small doors


we're cooking frijoles
and fried bananas tonight

it's sunset
and i'm sleepy
from the sun.

at this very moment a
jack rabbit is hopping
by the front porch.
the ocean waves
are roaring.

last night we
listened to obama's
state of the union outside
on the bbc radio. it was kind
of nice to feel so far away
from all that mess.

i feel hopeful though.

photos: artist,
charles stewart's
home, in town


i'm here

not much internet
which is a good thing.

my father has
farm land down here
and that's where i am.
in the desert of
baja, mex.

it is an extraordinary landscape.

ps: the photo of the
floral oil table cloth and
nacho libre posters are from
our friend's house in town

so rad.



acknowledge your edges

and what already exists
in the bare bones of
your home

sin make-up


chambray work shirts

i'm fascinated by
indigo work shirts

looking for
one like this

but cheaper.

photo credit: sartorialist

a postcard from

rachel comey fall 09

and some lady in
my notebook

this photo says it all

i don't know you,
you don't know me

...yet it's been so
lovely to meet you
via your work space

thanks again
for sharing your photos.
i'll post more when the time is right


top two: rob / ph: heather
middle: nikkole
bottom: robin


the primary colors
of modernism

snack tray

we have come full circle

2 or 3 things
i know about her

is playing at film forum

and a wonderful fan,
by the name of michael,
just sent me the
film's poster

2 or 3 was
all about posters
wasn't it?



a moveable work space

john commoner via reference library

i love people's desks

whether, dirty, clean or obsessive,
what stays on your desks for days,
months and even years?

send me a photo
of your work space.

and i might
post it!

correct me if i'm wrong

all a room needs
is one great textile

it's like wearing all black
and wrapping a bold scarf
around your neck

i'm inspired by
the houses in greece
where adobe rooms are
edited down to a simple
throw over the bed.

nonchalant style

try a multi-toned
mexican or southwestern
blanket or go mediterranean
with a light-weight woven throw.
try covering the pillows too, because
it could make your room, or
tent, more versatile.

maybe you can
point me to some
really unique modern
or vintage bed linens

like this


we lived on a tiny island in the banda sea


my father was
doing a documentary
and he brought us along

i wore a sarong
and we'd hike
through the

i was the local odd
one with the white
irish skin and

we are citizens
of the island because
my father climbed the active
volcano in a race and won.