my father's friends just started
this fantastic quarterly magazine.
naturally, they tweaked its
finer details in Danang...
during monsoon

so good.

in an age of crappy 24/7
news media and sensational
reportage, dispatches celebrates
the elegance of journalism and
the best of print & photo,
...in the rare essay form.

2 of the 5

Gary Knight
photojournalist in
Southeast Asia, Sarajevo,
Kashmir, Afghanistan....Iraq
documenting crimes
against humanity.

Mort Rosenblum
former editor of National
Herald Tribune and directed
AP bureaus in Congo, Nigeria
South East Asia and Argentina.
A very good editor.


...and I'm reminded
of one very cool lady from
this great circle of friends.

Alexandra Boulat


Erwin E. Smith

...thinking about buffalo in wyoming,
the smell of leather saddles, roping gloves
greasy griddles, and my beat-up jeans
from long pack trips in the
wind river range.

top & bottom: Erwin E. Smith
middle: Martin Margiela

ps: this whole 'denim hunter'
concept is kind of ironic.



what do the last 2 words say?

Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Port Vendres

charles rennie mackintosh
I've always loved his watercolors,
lettering, architecture
and neck tie


De Stijl today

faye toogood
for Gregoire Alexandre
for Wallpaper Mag.
for April 2008

ps: the ark


Lee Miller

Life photographer,
David E. Scherman captures
Man Ray's muse in her full persona:

model / war correspondent

after weeks in the trenches
Miller stumbles upon one of
Hitler's secret apartments,
slips off her muddy boots

and takes a bath.





L & T just moved to LA
they are looking for furniture.
know of any good cheap stores?

( photos by T )

"from russia with hate"

( a film by L )


enamel, plastic tray, blue liquid

3 . 2 . 1
zak kitnick

zak gave me a
nice tour of the
Navy Yards

2 or 3 things to know...

1. Zak doesn't read fiction

2. he is amazed by the scale of things:
bolts, bridge trusses, horses...and
the navy yard where he works.

3. loves dolly parton and bruce springsteen.

4. he draws, paints, sculpts, cuts...
no medium is neglected.

5. his work has the "raw, awkward energy
and sharp social commentary"
of downtown nyc - 1980's

6. zing would love him!

7. on May 16 (7-9 pm)
he'll be over here

8. plowshares


today: the navy yard
tomorrow: work

I saw lots of rusted old buildings.
do you know rust belt?


a red matchstick head

portishead's third

a horizontal strip of windows
underneath the brooklyn bridge.
much like Fagus Works (1913)