behind the scenes

"nostalgia is delicate, but potent"

mad men
via n–c

like peggy olsen
i'm 25

learning to
write better copy
with each episode


ph: James Minchin III
rolling stone


Grete Schütte-Lihotzky

counter space

Lilly Reich

i have 0

and i kinda like it.
it makes for an easier
clean up.

i have no
need for a larger

i can pivot
and reach every
cabinet from where
i'm standing

Counter Space:
Design and the Modern Kitchen
via the moment

Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky's
Frankfurt Kitchen, Germany


I'm not big into
illustrated or animated films
but there are a few that really
make my heart sing.

my dog tulip

there's something
that pen & ink does that
that film can't do.

what is it?

i have trouble
articulating my



natural history

i was obsessed with
its leathery skin,
all the creases

an elephant's skin groves
are like dried up river beds,
ripples in the sand from
receding water

it was so hard
to draw

ah the patterns
in nature!

from macro
to the micro

powers of 10
charles & ray eames



we've all
experienced it...

that special time
when certain colors, textures
moods and environments
drive you wild.

a simple scene
from a movie keeps
you up all night

even a phrase
heard on the

from then on,
you have a gesture
in your head.

and you do
whatever it takes
to illustrate it, to make it real.

ah! the insanity
the vulnerability
the fun, the fear.

there's no turning
back at this point

you're in it.

i post often about fashion.
but i wouldn't say its because
i have a desire to buy or
wear the clothing.

it's just that it is
impossible to discriminate
fashion from the creative process.

as a young designer
i'm fascinated by
all dreamers.

i want to vicariously
experience the same
textures, colors and
moments inside a
designer's head.

i observe and
try to understand
the ideas that conceive
their work/collections

i love how
the result is
is never literal.

but a melange of influences,
a complex genetic code,
a great mystery.

it's like exploring
a brave new world.

i learn from
it every time.

ph: evan sung

collection previews:

band of outsiders
derek lam
rag & bone


band of outsiders

morning roll call

ready to wear pajamas
with band of outsiders

and a new
"girl" line.

always fascinated with
with scott's take on
modern prep.

my friend pointed
out that this one
was very me.

sp 2011

ph: cerré


sept 11
has become a
of time.

another year
gone /gained.

it's a bright
sunny blue day.
eerily reminiscent
of that morning
9 years ago.

words can't
express my love
for gotham

i take you
as you are.

my imperfect
mighty superhero


reduce an idea
to a few strokes

or a single gesture

and then it
will make sense

...like a logo.

georgia o'keefe
the winter road, 1963
blue lines 1916


unknown source
via tomorrow


a map
of how i feel
right now

from the midpoints
of thoughts

and i'm
ok with this

sol lewitt
lines from the
midpoints of lines


on the hudson

end of summer light
end of summer
jean cut offs

a final farewell
to warm weekends

but i shall return
to dia:beacon
this fall

to visit my
friends again

sol lewitt
dan flavin
on kawara
imi knoebel
donald judd
richard serra
joseph beuys
robert ryman
blinky palermo
robert smithson
lawrence weiner
bernd & hilla becher

they always
keep me going