we've all
experienced it...

that special time
when certain colors, textures
moods and environments
drive you wild.

a simple scene
from a movie keeps
you up all night

even a phrase
heard on the

from then on,
you have a gesture
in your head.

and you do
whatever it takes
to illustrate it, to make it real.

ah! the insanity
the vulnerability
the fun, the fear.

there's no turning
back at this point

you're in it.

i post often about fashion.
but i wouldn't say its because
i have a desire to buy or
wear the clothing.

it's just that it is
impossible to discriminate
fashion from the creative process.

as a young designer
i'm fascinated by
all dreamers.

i want to vicariously
experience the same
textures, colors and
moments inside a
designer's head.

i observe and
try to understand
the ideas that conceive
their work/collections

i love how
the result is
is never literal.

but a melange of influences,
a complex genetic code,
a great mystery.

it's like exploring
a brave new world.

i learn from
it every time.

ph: evan sung

collection previews:

band of outsiders
derek lam
rag & bone


B said...

what a wonderful post - and so true, about being "in it." it's great when that happens.

Leciawp said...

Really love this.

MWM said...

keeps me up at night.

carl auböck architekt said...

thank you so-
all this beauty and sweetness keeps me going i think

Maggie said...

"ah! the insanity
the vulnerability
the fun, the fear."

Perfectly sums up the creative process. The vulnerability and fear always hit me first, but then the fun moves in, and that's what keeps me creating.

Beautiful post.

Astrid said...

I came here from Brian's Blue Hour blog. I agree with you - and him - being "in it" is it!

Maryli said...

Love this post.

Anonymous said...

beautiful. this resonated somewhere deep within me. i have this bookmarked so i can read it again. thank you.

Yves said...

go rodarte! it's one of my favorite fashion brands. the style is both edgy and high-class. the best combination, i think.

beautiful poetry.

neki desu said...

no one can put it better.
thank you for this comforting post

Anonymous said...

The way you share and reflect is so poetic and beautiful!

i only visit your blog from time time and, everytime i find it, i am touched and inspired.

All the best to you!!

Reader fan in nyc

Unknown said...

Haven't been here in quite a while, how nice to return to a well-expressed turn of phrase.

I love the notion of 'a gesture in the head'...

Unknown said...

the dizzying feeling of rapture.Of feeling overcome by beauty.
you've hit the nail.