"Los Angeles brings it all together"
said Mike Davis in City of Quartz

LA is like
a set designer.

it has a knack at pulling
the best of styles of different
historical periods & cultures
to create it's signature
bohemian style.

and its COMMUNE,
the architects & designers behind
ACE hotel, Heath Ceramics, etc.
who understand this about
LA better than anyone.

arts & crafts, wild west,
spanish mediterranean, bungalow,
modernism, east coast prep,
art deco, mid-century...

COMMUNE delivers
cool eclectic bohemia with
a 1930's hollywood undertone.

it's as if their clients still
live & breathe moving pictures.
the dreams, vices and nostalgia
that make los angeles unlike
any city in the world.

John Galliano's
sp 10 collection
say's it best.


nathaniel west's
day of the locusts

norma desmond
the aging movie star
in sunset blvd

murder, water rights
and city corruption

the bungalow interiors
of changeling are an incredible
portrayal of 1930's Los Angeles


albert maysles glasses

albert maysles is a filmmaker
with a sweet pair of spectacles.

so much so,
there is website
dedicated to them.


but if you really
want some serious eyewear
or even a killer watch,
ask an architect.


eg: mary of tgh architects
has the coolest tibor kalman watch.
"unexpected and untried"

1. 5 O'Clock
2. 10-One-4

our homework
is to ask an architect
and report back...

ps: i also have a thing
for tiny antique watches
with roman numerals.



I normally don't post
products or publicity materials
that companies send me.

we have enough
things already

and i'm not here
to sell you more!

but i felt compelled
to share with you a couple
images from urban outfitter's
holiday 2009 preview.

ph: estelle hanania

UO is doing their homework.
cleaning up their looks.
editing down.

self portraits are never the same

well said Levi.

a reader sent me the
newspaper clipping.

the golden age
by pietro da cortona


if you don't like what you see

take it apart and
put it back together

1. michael tolmachev
2. caravaggio's narcissus
3. jean prouve

I apologize if my
brooklyn / berlin post
came out a bit arrogant.

I still hold
to my opinion.

but it has evolved

your comments
helped me think
it over again

and the door
is still open

i'm so lucky to have such
well-opinionated readers.
so passionate & intelligent.

it keeps me
on edge.

i like it!

ps: i will be back
in brooklyn 12/1
how about that!
i miss it.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

grace kelly

Life Magazine
ph: Howell Conant

more photos here


donald judd

when I was in high school,
the photo above was one of
the first images I cut out
and pasted in my

via ny10563

and i listened to
a lot of radiohead


crown and anchor me
or let me sail away

i write the first thing
that comes into my head.

but am i anchored
to every word?


a sentence
to prison

sometimes, i can't
believe i share such
things with you.

blogging feels like
walking on stage without
your pants on.

soon i'll quit this crazy gig

shaker weaves and joints

via here

ps: quiet moments
with volta footwear

listening to:


leonard cohen

dustin o'halloran


i visited bryson gill in berlin.
he is my favorite bay area artist.
bryson paints in his live/work
studio by a canal full of
swans in kreuzberg

why do artists still
move to brooklyn?

it's over.

you can live a real
good life in berlin.

i know some of you
will disagree with this


if you go to berlin, do boros

there's nothing better than
an old bunker filled with art

all art has been contemporary

maurizio nannucci

ps: you must reserve a tour
at least a month in advance

all images courtesy
of sammlung boros


a million little pieces

OxyContin Express
an intense doc by my friends
Mariana van Zeller & Darren Foster

let me know what
you think.

untitled image
via mozart