I want to climb
out of the window
and sit on the roof.

my man,
Gaston Bachelard
always stressed that
the attic, is the ultimate
space for enlightenment;
a clear mind.

read this

photos via here


can't remember the
architect or where
I pulled this image,
but I was taken by
the framing
of space;
how each room
is essentially
part of the


...just informed by Justine & Emanuel:

"It's called Casa Poli by Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects"


A summer moment
2 pink things I found
on the street

1.$5 pink blouse
2. $10 Indian dress

some like it hot.
I can't wait until summer.
sweaty arms, sittin' on the steps,
old men play cards on the stoops,
bare legs, drinking egg creams
and just hangin' around.
pretty simple stuff;
being hot,
I guess.

beijing was hot hot.
people practically live outside.
...move all their furniture out too.


If you're going to San Francisco...

be sure to wear some
flowers in your hair

I met Molly over in Paris.
After traveling around the globe,
Molly has decided to settle for a bit
in San Francisco, my hometown.
I asked if I could post photos
of her new flat in Noe Valley.

I was drawn to:

1. the green stairs
2. the big bay window
3. her lovely collection of
books, poetry and momentos

...and of course, the journal,
she is never without.

And I shall give credit
to her roommate, Loo,
who cultivated this
cozy homestead.

Thanks Molly!

What should I do with all
these super tiny pieces of fabric?
What would Miuccia Prada do?

spring 08

...well, with larger pieces of fabric,
PRADA went all "Thumbelina" on us,
with the help of the best
young duo out there.
really out-there:

an obsession
of many textures:
hairnet paradise


I dig
SF Bay
John Chiara

Much like old-style photography,
when artists had to work with heavy
equipment and tedious development,
John Chiara props his hand-built
(room-sized!) camera on a
trailer to take these rad
landscape photos.

it's all about process.

currently at Von Lintel
in New York City
until 3/1


The Bed
Studio Jurgenbey
A bit baroque for my taste,
but I'd like to sleep behind the lace
and under the carpets.
It reminds me of
a gypsy caravan.

via: Elle Decoration



Beholder Gallery, SF

Best part:
These ain't composite photographs,
Ledner makes a set/background
for each "barn" animal.

I went to see
speak last week.

A former boxer,
an untrained architect;
my kind of man.


ANDO is such a prankster


So Ando has this
signature misfit behavior.
borderline, Ayn Rand

After hearing him speak, I
was further taken by his hilarious
self-depreciating 'matter-of=fact' mannerism.
He made fun of his buildings, his clients
and advocated for the "anti-luxury" of space.
...steep ladders, reinforced concrete,
courtyards separating rooms,
and other architectural
challenges, "keeps
the mind young,"
he said."

The image “http://www.geocities.com/arquique/ando/grandes/atrw03.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

2 or 3 reasons why ANDO is cool...

1. He is hilarious. I've really never laughed so hard
at a lecture before...and we all know how boring lectures can be.
2. Ando's style is simple, green & elemental: light, water, air.
3. Ando does not compromise. He is faithful to his dreams.
And you can tell that he rarely sucks up to his clients.
Like an old-style modernist, he knows his
architecture...and does what he wants.
lately, I've been missing
that kind of architect.



So I found the infamous
Sartorialist wingtip spectators.
I watched + waited for 5 long days
and then, in the remaining 45 secs
I was outbid.

I'll be ok though.
I recently scored a pair
of vintage pixie gran boots...
patti smith style, I wear
them with skinnies
loosely tucked in;


all quiet on the front.

8:25 PM
Snow was on my mind.
so I climbed up to the roof.

...ended up fixated
with the lonely stairwell,
cast in this insane blue
light, due to the
of the night

1. The bedroom
2. John Entenza
3. T + L's print

~a small collection~


spring 2008

Vena Cava
is the large, yet short vein
that carries de-oxygenated blood
to the heart's right atrium.

...and it's also the
fresh_young fashion line of
Lisa Mayock + Sophie Buhai

simply.digging their original
beer can + typewriter prints,
sporty blazers on top of
light gauzy dresses;

cool w/o
is so good.