wall to wall jute

for some reason
the chairs work

but are they

ph: ensuite




modern times

the great imagination
of john galliano

ph: tommy ton

the days when
makeup and the
expressions of the
face spoke louder
than words



Salle à manger éclectique

un petit chalet

Cuisine sans armoires

i never tire
of white.

it's the one
color that transforms
and evolves with you.

it accepts all
lifestyles, all incomes
and never ceases to
dignify a space.

all it needs
is a fresh coat.

ph: angus fergusson
maison et demeure


the ruck sack

i have carried my
life in my makr tote
for a week now.

i have never
traveled happier.

now there's
a ruck sack to
carry all you need
on your back.


living rooms of the
rich & famous

ph: dominique nabokov

via here

in order of appearance:

robert wilson, director, west side highway
david seidner, photographer, east soho
tom sachs, artist, little italy


la guardia students
with their string figures

james r. murphy

via ambitious
project collapsing


issue II

a beautiful
surf zine.

i wish i had
a copy in my hands
to take to the beach
this weekend.


bas jan ader
primary time

test your color IQ
and potential to arrange
a beautiful vase of flowers.

the lower the score
the better.

i scored a 15.

i do have two
friends who got a
perfect score: 0
damn them!

and you?


spent the weekend
on a horse farm in

i love the smell
of a tack room

via mozart


silk pants

for lounging
in a bill willis room

oh i want a pair!

cacharel resort 11
bill willis via moment

ps: balenciaga


this photograph / book
made such an impression
on me as a child.

from alice to ocean

the story of robyn davidson
and her 17,000 miles trek across
the australian desert with
her dog and 4 camels
in 1977.

i miss the influence
of national geographic

today we can
snap 1,000 pics of
a 4th of july bbq and
call it photography.

there is a difference
if you know what
i mean.

ph: rick smolan


my family's beloved
84' volvo aka "the grey whale"
200,000 miles with more to go

"the grey whale sessions"

a tribute by
my bro-in-law

i'm missing mexico

ps: tyler's reel

credit: tyler manson