the ruck sack

i have carried my
life in my makr tote
for a week now.

i have never
traveled happier.

now there's
a ruck sack to
carry all you need
on your back.


r. huynh said...

Beautiful, simple, perfect.

Also love their blog...they seem like a real studio, not just a store.

Kat said...

I have been looking for a vessel to hold everything I always seem to need. This looks great, is it comfortable on your shoulders?http://kathleenjackson.blogspot.com

Oli said...

lol, Coincidentally I went all around Hong Kong today looking for the perfect rack sack but no luck & I'm leaving tomorrow for London. Maybe I'll just get one there.

Caille said...

Wow, this is EXACTLY what I need since I ride a bike. It's beautiful!

jokemijn said...

beautiful, especially in this delicate white.

G said...

love love love - the black is great too.

Jared Frank said...

great bag, we have vintage ones