young and old

Heino Gallery

1. the 15 yr old with incredible style
2. the 94 yr old who throws 20-30 pots a day

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(bottom photo: mel melcon)

The End of the Game: The Last Word from Paradise 1

end of the game

The End of the Game: The Last Word from Paradise 6

a NEW book
by Peter Beard


left overs

barry mcgee and cinelli
from the RVCA show
san francisco
june 19

beach blanket burnout



Plain Envelopes

plain envelopes

Wok Brush

...and the Wok brush.

Wondering who conceived
such timeless objects.

who had that "aha"
eureka moment?

I could spend all day at
KIOSK / 95 spring st.
and I'm still reading
Design Classics
book by book.


the sewing box

requires a little organization

mom used to stamp + iron
my name onto school uniforms
and t-shirts....anything that
could easily get mixed-up.

I was my own brand.

button cards

ps: bill cunningham
makes me so happy.


whatever happened to the God's Eye?

God's Eyes

the symbolic power
of seeing and understanding
the unknown and unknowable.

I use to make these all the time.
Just popsicle sticks & yarn.
They were hanging in
Built by Wendy


while looking for work boots...

...we wandered down deserted sidewalks.

blistering heat,
ballet flats and all...
lauren photographed
my 'amy winehouse'
in LA



reform school

thank you all
for the LA

my sister bought
6 recycled cups (above)
from reform school

and we also

demin revival
rodan vs griffith
built by wendy
and OK.


weekend retreat

The Maltman House
Silverlake bungalow
$2800 / 2br

jacaranda trees

if you ever fly over
Mexico City during the
springtime, the endless
city sprawl is consumed
by purple blotches of
jacaranda blosoms.

more pics

ps: going to LA tomorrow.
any ideas as to where
I should go?


and I think of these 2 spaces:

1. the opera house
2. the library


Werner Herzog
Klaus Kinski

one man's love
of the opera takes
him on an insane
journey up the
amazon river.

a lot like Hearts of Darkness
Burden of Dreams, documents
the pure insanity of Herzog & Kinski
during the making of the film.
...among other things.

NY Public Library

whenever people
visit nyc, i always take
them to the library.

the reading room has
to be one of the most
inspiring spaces
in the city.

i like the idea of
breakfast at tiffany's
and the choreography
of requesting a book
...and dressing for
the occasion.


ps: ruffles

and traveling light

Gospel Flat Farm

it was father's day.
my dad with his 3 girls.

in our favorite town.
at our favorite beach.

it's a secret.


flying over
the mid-west
storm system

cloud types

1. cumulus
2. nimbus
3. stratus
4. cirrus

airplane music

Detektivbyrån and Lykke Li


flying to
san francisco

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TWA terminal
Eero Saarinen

architecture &
the thrill of flying.

I can imagine the days
when men and women
would dress in their
finest to catch
a plane

now, it's a lot of
velour pants and
awkward security
pat downs.

just a thought.


the exchange
a short film by

Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti

I'm sure this has
been floating around
the world wide web
for sometime now.

yet I had to post it.
j.crew had the film streaming
on its website and then one day
I went back to watch it again
(because it was good)
...and it was gone.


- story line -
somewhere in the desert
2 ladies greet each other
and little by little they
end up switching

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ps: I think these stills
would work well
as note cards.

barely bearing the heat.

with no a/c,
i haven't slept
much in the
past 3 days

hot hot brooklyn

today, I watched a couple
of kids unscrew a fire hydrant.
it was the right thing to do.

(photo of Marcia)


gone fishing

well...I didn't.
but my roommate did.

i'm drawn to the intricate
detailing of what they call
'imitation flies'

...and there's nothing like
an old creel basket.

have you ever
gone fly fishing?
caught anything?

man, it takes great patience
to cast that line and tie
all those knots!

ps: it's the closest most
of us get to catching
our own food.

a short from
the Carbondale
5 point film festival.