desert life

dusty brown dirt,
mangy dogs, pacifico beer
dinner looking onto the fields,
long siestas under palapa,
agave, giant spiders!
friendly people

in bed at 9pm

2 weeks in mexico
is quite a luxury after
an intense fall.

ps: reading
the keith richard's
book "life"


in need
of mexico

adobe, tortillas,
poinsettias, agave,
la virgen de guadalupe
cobblestones, noche buena
procession of the pilgrims
candles & pastorales

6 more days
of concrete

playing with
pastels until then


i have 2 bags

a tote and a
leather satchel

it couldn't
be more simple.
one aids as a purse
and the canvas tote
carries things,
lots of things

I was in a wood
shop yesterday and
a very manly man
commented on
both of my

i was flattered
because not often
does design speak to
a universal beauty.

he reaffirmed
the importance
of a good bag.

without a question
my makr is my most
loyal companion.

built to last

image credit: makr carry goods



south hamilton, MA

making fires
walking the dogs
wet muddy boots
notre dame vs usc
howling coyotes
paddle tennis
no computer
no work

it was nice to
spend thanksgiving
in a new town.


for all you boomers,
my fathers got some
news for you

and it's looking
pretty good.

a preview for
what's next


do you think
boomers have a
place in the media?

are you a
boomer with
a story?


there's nothing
like a built-in desk
with a window view

leonard koren
has a sweet spot
as well.


i can't look at
tops anymore without
thinking i'm in a dream

general gtore
launched it's
online store!

they're selling some
of my favorite

joey roth
deck towel


dirty gold

i hear these
san diego kids
are in high school

i like the video
they made for
their song


NYC Marathon

the 10 female
runners in the lead.
with a few trailing
not far behind.

and then
the men came

and the rest
of the masses.

i don't mean to boast
but i think myself and my
neighbors were some of the
most dedicated cheerleaders
at the nyc marathon.

the runners looked
exhausted as they were
nearing the halfway mark
of the 26.5 mile course,
in bed stuy brooklyn.

and this ain't
manhattan or the
prettiest part of bk so
we had to give them
everything we had

it's amazing
when you call out
a runner's name and
the pain in their face
relieves for a moment
and they give u the most
genuine smile you've
ever seen.

what amazing
display of endurance.
i will be stoked for
a week.

cheers to
all the people
who ran today.

y'all were

si se puede


jan yoors

at 12,
Jan ran away

to live with
& photograph
the Romany

an exhibit of
his work opens
in nyc 11/5

ps: thick strokes


i can feel the quarry
in the type


booklet for max lamb


if i could travel
back in time

and go
to 1 concert

it would be:

live at roseland
nyc 1997

i would also
like to interview
beth gibbons

fully knowing
that she doesn't
give interviews


a lower heel

for those of us
who can't walk at
high elevations

stella sp11
lanvin sp11


the story of
the little red

another kind
of children's book

el lissitzky

please don't
blacklist me