for all you boomers,
my fathers got some
news for you

and it's looking
pretty good.

a preview for
what's next


do you think
boomers have a
place in the media?

are you a
boomer with
a story?


Bonito said...

A very cool trendy topic!
Yvon Chounaird said:"The hardest thing in the world is to simplify your life. It’s so easy to make it complex."

Jeremiah said...

I'm only 29 and now I feel both lazy and inspired. Really though, this is great!

jago said...

this is great idea . My parents are 56 now and thay are moving abroad.They start new live. I think it's fantastic- new ideas for live makes them younger .

Sally Schneider said...

I love and am intrigued by this...would love to write about it for 'the improvised life' but am wondering where I can find more info..i.e. is this your dad's idea/project, and where does he want to head with it...what's Nextrackers website meant to do... I emailed him via YouTube but am not sure if the email went through...Can you direct me?
ps: love your site

carl auböck architekt said...

great man your dad.
hope and time are the only luxury we can pass on to our kids..my dad said on his dyingbed.
end all wars and invest in people and their education!

Unknown said...

more than a little bit of inspiration for my morning. many thanks!

Analisa said...

This is a great video, and very relevant to a project I am working on called "Transforming Life After 50" with the California State library. I will share this link with our online community, thank you!

alexa said...

your dad is hanging with neil young? amazing. and wonderful stories- definitely passing on to my parents, thank you!

neki desu said...

in love♥ with your father♥

Sandra said...

love the video..and ur blog..great dad too! I am 53 and just bought a pair of hip hugger jeans.haven't worn hip huggers since I was 17....I feel a new life coming on..and am so excited..

face to face framing said...

i think i will watch this every day.

honeydonthink said...

This is so relevant and inspirational Lee - thanks to you & your Dad (and all the amazing people he's come across in making the video):-)

toronto limousine services said...

Definitely! Boomers are the most creative batch with original ideas. The boomers make up today's generation.

krys kirkpatrick said...

Inspiring. At age 54 I decided I wanted to draw. I am now drawing and watercoloring. And selling my work. I love it. I think you lose your sense of fear as you get older. I love being in my 50's...it only gets better.

Valerie Drake Lesiak said...

In the corporate world there is a bias against boomers. There is a target on our backs. We are too "old" and expensive. I have many friends that were "let go" and forced into "retirement" and replaced by younger people.

This was the motivation for my husband and I to think of what we would like to do and create a business around it. It's fun and scary at the same time. It is also liberating. My mother once said that being in her 50's was like a second wind. I am approaching 60 and want to fly!

Anonymous said...

Whoaa, I love this, so inspirational! Thanks Cerre.