hallo from berlin

curated paper

Papier in Mitte
Mulackstr. 14
10119 Berlin

martin z. schröder, drucker
is a lovely card illustrator
he has a clean & classical
approach to type &



the shoemaker

francesco made
me a perfect pair of brown
leather sandals that are
tailored to my feet.

he is the best
man in town for
this sort of thing

via di santo spirito 62
firenze, italy


open city

street art by fausto delle chiale

less is more

more is better

more cherubs, more marble,
more frescos, more mozzarella buffalo,
more wine, more doric columns, more churches
more heels, more olive oil, more prosciutto,
more patrons painted in the paintings,
more priests dressed in fine suits,
more mafia, more opulence,
more bernini, more fellini,
more beautiful women,
more irony, more sin
more baroque
si si!

confess it all to the priest,
and do it all over again!

new york just sins

but roman's sin better, fuller.
they sin elegantly, with class.
they sin with self respect.
they sin for culture for
happiness for...
la dolce vita

to be continued...


"everything about florence seems
to be colored in a mild violet,
like diluted wine"

henry james

choosing the right color

1. testing paint colors
to cover graffiti in firenze

2. palazzo bruciato shoes
at société anonyme

3. uffizi gallery

4. duomo



as i sit like a sculpture
in the piazza of settignano

if you want to stay
in the most chic place
in rome, email me and
I will hook you up!

carlina & andrea
have 2 rooms for rent
in campo dei fiori, roma.
they are incredible artists
and used to run production
for michael kors in these
very rooms, above.

i must go!
rain is falling.



living the good life!

I've been staying in my
friend carlina's beautiful
home and studio in rome.

i have so much to tell you!

but first,
I need to get ready
for the big italian wedding
in the Castle of Vaccarile.

ciao, lee


stay tuned.

i'll be corresponding from
campo dei fiori, rome

kinda like gregory peck.
the american journalist
in roman holiday.

I won't be looking for
any italian royalty.

i'm on a design assignment.
strange, normal and interesting objects
marble paper, books and linens too.
any tips would be lovely.

ps: your book suggestions
were inspiring and intoxicating.
you all are very well read.
might i say, cultured.


limited use of the computer and phone

i'm leaving for
italy...and berlin
and will be gone
for 28 days.

posting will
be here & there

ps: can you think
of a good book to bring?

an italian or,
german writer.

credit: journal standard


what you'd wear if you
and a group of travelers
found that hidden beach


and never left

like this guy.

is it possible to
be so intoxicated
with a place that you
would never leave?

are you a roamer?
or... have you never left?

more here