on the first
day of summer

i'm going to cut
some white lace
wrap my feet

avec lou doillon

the tear


what type on you?

not sure if
i'm traditional
or progressive.

is archer hairline

i'm plastica
herbert post 

and you?

gerhard richter

howdy rob.
does this look

i made a mental note
when i was going through
your book shelves

 gerhard richter

i think 2 or 3
needs a honest
hipster tag line



do the right thing

the word
on the street

do the right thing

has this
faith in us

to know what
is right, a priori

and yet the great beauty
and ugliness of humanity,
is that we all interpret
the good word

ph: lee cerré




i would like
to invest in one
 new piece.

in blonde or black.

but i going
to have to work
for it.


art cerre


last weekend
i smelled his cologne


and pocketed
his swiss army knife


it feels right
to post this now

days with my father
by phillip toledano

my father
on his father:

Art was a simple man
with a profound understanding
of what was right, what was fair
and what was the best way
to treat people.

with that as his coda,
he ran the course hard,
without cutting anyone off,
and kept pumping all the
way to the finish.

that's life

ps: grandpa Art
mailed me architecture
clippings from newspapers.
he was a special part of
2 or 3 things.

i feel a
great void.

ph: phillip toledano


kate moss sweater

the simplicity of style

wrap a sweater
around your waist

or throw on an overcoat

no fuss.

you can't miss
the morning market


butlers & Geshias

the art of service

"a man cannot call himself
well-contented until he has done
 all he can to be of service
to his employer."

the remains of the day
by kazu ishiguro

when working for others
is more than a job, but an etiquette
to honor, respect and embody fully.

butlers and geishas
work everyday towards
creating and maintaining
an atmosphere of order
and refinement.

it's a seamless
choreography of
restraint and

mastering this
aesthetic presentation
is a daily design challenge.
each movement thoughtfully
calculated and considered.

indeed it's a bit
obsessive and old school,
but i'm absolutely fascinated by
this self-gratifying ambition of the few
to instill beauty and dignity in the
most ordinary living routines.

like all art,
it's something to


ph: peter granser
via studiopatró 


general store

serena mitnik-miller

captures the lightness
of sand, sea and sky

and knows
how to curate
the feeling.

the calm clarity
of being underwater.
inside a shell. a rising
air bubble. a womb.
quiet. assured.
at peace.

...and the few
familiar things
you would have
by your side.

general store
is this space.

ps: i'm interested
to know what 3 things
form your comfort blanket?
make you feel at ease
with yourself in this
weighty world.

ps: serena's blog


credit: serena mitnik-miller