art cerre


last weekend
i smelled his cologne


and pocketed
his swiss army knife


it feels right
to post this now

days with my father
by phillip toledano

my father
on his father:

Art was a simple man
with a profound understanding
of what was right, what was fair
and what was the best way
to treat people.

with that as his coda,
he ran the course hard,
without cutting anyone off,
and kept pumping all the
way to the finish.

that's life

ps: grandpa Art
mailed me architecture
clippings from newspapers.
he was a special part of
2 or 3 things.

i feel a
great void.

ph: phillip toledano


Shayna said...

What a beautiful tribute to an obviously well-loved grandfather and father. I lost my grandfather just before Thanksgiving and it never ceases to amaze me how much I miss him. He, too, was a big Sinatra fan. Best to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry for the loss of your grandfather. Art—an apt name; how many of us know how to live life well by treating others as we would ourselves? One son says it all—tells it best: Our children are our living testaments.

rachel said...

So sorry about your loss.

susan said...

That was really sweet. I'm sorry for your loss.

2008 said...

peace and sympathy to you in these days.
your time here inspires many to bounce forward
with ideas and experiences. thank you for sending this message to so many today in your intimate way, alongside philip's soulful journey.
love and light

comfies said...

the pictures are truly beautiful. incredibly moving...

gina said...

Rest easy Art.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss Cerre, it's so sad when loved ones pass on. He seemed to be a beautiful man. Xf

jellyfishheart said...


Sara said...

I just lost my godmother Jan. 11. She was 97. She will always be a bright star in my life. She was filled with positivity,all her days.

Anonymous said...

xo Big Art, Lauren

louise and nivaldo de lima said...

Thank you for sharing this. I'm sure he was very special. Art is a beautiful name.

amy t. said...

touching. One's memory can be a special gift -
sorry for your loss

radioisfree said...

i'm crying for both you and your grandpa - well, for all of us actually. i love the photos you posted. they are a wonderful testament to a special relationship. bless grandpa art.



Soft Atmosphere said...

bonitas fotografías, preciosas palabras :) !

jenna said...

so sorry.

stuff sonia love said...

beautiful and moving photos and text
thank you for sharing

Jurgen said...

that is so sad and touchingly beautiful!

ceci said...

incredibly touching story, and precious gift. Sorry about your loss. Thank you very much for sharing, comes in the right time for me too.

Ama Livia said...

What a beautiful, moving testament to your grandpa. Somehow, they're sweetness is so different from that of our parents, and the loss is always so great. I am so sorry for his passing and for your loss.

I recently had to say goodbye to my grandmother. And I, too, feel a great void without her. But I feel her inside and all around me, too. I hope that sense comes to you soon.

With Sympathy,