Julio Bittencourt
Edificio Prestes Maia 911
São Paulo, Brazil

Julio was way up high on a
cherry-picker when I first met him.
A great photographer. young & eager.
shooting people in their windows
on e. 119th street, harlem.

May 8 - June 15
638 w. 28th street


not much to report on.
just floating cast-iron on crosby st.
and Funeral Home Ortiz all lit up
under the BQE....williamsburg.

so good.



less is more


finite material is infinite possibility

1. Burkina Faso
2. velo details 1-9

the quality of form
depends on a strong
belief in material,
and a refined
use of it.


william wurster

gregory ranch house 1927

I like the
semi-coiled garden hose,
and the wood pile outside
the wide front door.

There's something to be said
about a house in its transition
from winter to spring.

during winter, things
get a bit disheveled, overgrown.
green spouts of weeds and broken
clay pots often litter the garden.
A kind of wild west out back.

I mean,
who really wants to live
in a glossy magazine spread,
when imperfections can
be so liberating.

my mom
came to visit me.

for 2 days
she stayed with me.
we walked to the water.
And she saw many things.

ps: listening to fortune for free.


Bardot in Brooklyn
The french shopkeeper with orange nails.

Fille de Joie

affordable originals.
Italian leather platforms
Neither $465 or from A.P.C.

St. Paul, Minnesota


theo jansen
has a mission.

For 10 years he has been creating a
new life form; creatures powered by the wind.
Mr. Janesen plans to create a herds that can
roam the land and live their own lives.

via: Alan Paukman
a former arch studio classmate
and designer behind Nikolai Rose

more creatures here

ps: I bet he is a burning man regular.


I'm inspired by woven leather
and black lace these days.

...materials of great strength and delicacy.

up for bid on ebay.


after work,
(not intent on buying)
I saw this pillow case on sale
70% of $48.95 = $14 or something

not quite sure how I feel
about it on my bed. The pattern
has so much potential, but I would
like to keep my bed all white.


blasen landscape architects
(some friendly folks from home)

let me reinstate
my love for coastal plants,
driftwood and seaside barns.

stinson beach, ca


kitchens that feel lived-in

Roberta Settels
leather sandals. rare. no link.
found Roberta's hands over here.
made in sweden.


maybe you have noticed...

I'm drawn to a sober, paired down look
YSL draping of pants with a strong blazer
2 or 3 finely-tuned details, over ornamentation
navy, grey, off white, wood buttons
dark rinse jeans and
1 great belt.

Ok Los Angeles

maybe its the war,
maybe its the economy,
but I'm starting to miss my
catholic school uniform.


At 23, I can afford just
1, 2 or 3 real nice things.
and that's good with me.

My mother has always told me:
if you have 3 classic, well-designed pieces,
you can reuse + recycle them for years.
quality (over quantity) is chic.

these days,
I will keep it
minimal. try to
consume less.

...is more.

in the end,
all one needs
is a jumpsuit.


this reminds me of this

ps: the art of motorcycle maintenance and coffee

I keep to white walls.

but if I were to go for color
I would do it like this: haphazardly.
A single moment...a graphic vignette of
Caribbean blue (ever so suddenly) applied to
a portion of old thick crumbly Victorian walls.

refresh decay.



stormy skies
photos from my cousin.

Dakin spent some time
traveling throughout south america.
...and he saw some things.


Clay Ketter
Gulf Coast Slabs

like architectural floor plans.
From above, Ketter documents
what once stood in New Orleans.

Bartha Contemporary


the bag

gospel brunch

Basque shirts, overalls,
boat shoes, duffels, half sleeves,
jean & canvas jackets and some very
hardy menswear...also over at Seed-Pipe