I'm down in florida.
and we watched this film.

Tarpon (1972) was directed by
Christian Odasso and Guy de la Valdene.

only 53 min.
the film quietly
if not, disjointedly
documents the beauty
of catch and release fishing

Tarpon is incredible.
It was edited in Paris and then
lost in a barn in Normandy for 35 years.
The director's daughter discovered the film
and had it restored and released.

When watching the film
you can see why hunter s. thompson
and hemingway retreated to The Keys.
Back in the day, the tip off florida was a
counter culture haven of cut off jeans, pet
iguanas and "zen" flat lands fishing.

the film is rough,
raw and imperfect.

there's no story line
and no cohesive dialogue
but Tarpon has this subtle power
that stays with you long after.

Writers, Richard Brautigan and Jim Harrison
make appearances in tie dye on hammocks,
sharing relevatory fly fishing stories.
and at one point Brautigan says:

"to understand belonging one
has to give it up....release it"


Home Décor and Its Perils

what will change look like
in white house decor?

it must be weird to live
in a house that is not
your own.

it seems like with each new
presidential family comes a total
reinvision of interior design
and what makes the
white house, home

under the knife:

Jackie Kenndey's hired the
french decorator, Stephane Boudin.
The Nixons were all about imperial flare
and The Regans liked florals and red.
Its known that Barbara Bush was
mad for needlepoint.

I'm interested to see how
the more youthful Obama
family will add their
personal touch to
the interiors

I can imagine
the young girls running
through the corridors with Barack
right behind them, flipping off light switches
with his "turn off the lights when
you leave a room"
policy. it will
be grand!


Out of Order

This is Lauren, Lee's sister.
Lee's computer is broken.
So, Lee invited me to post.

Here are 2 or 3 things from me.

1. Tribus de L'OMO (via Mariana van Zeller)
2. Lady Sliders
3. Unemploymentality

Nice to meet you,


wrist worms

this would be a lovely
gift for someone

times are tough.
support the handmade


on a shoot
and spilled water
on my laptop keyboard.

what does one do?

so here's a quick post
from the studio

back soon.


everything about this image
is incredible and overwhelming


good life magazine
photos of women
in the 1940's



beautiful age.

I like seeing magazine
spreads with older women.

paris minnesota

shot by

alec soth



factory 20



they know how to edit vintage


what if you
randomly organized
& numbered all your
drawers 1, 2, 3...

and pasted an index
on the table surface:

1. pens and pencils

2. underwear, receipts

3. socks, film, drill

4. pills

ha ha


the kind of surface your feet,
with these socks on, would touch

via here

yves saint laurent's home


ph: yelena yemchuck
stylist: anastasia barbieri

depth of field

feels very retro. 1980s.

japanese vogue
dec. 2008



Jean-Pierre Leaud
captured the essence
of youth in truffaut's
400 Blows.

Leaud's presence,
on screen and off screen,
was hauntingly fresh and honest;
and that unforgettable run to nowhere
is something i think about often.
the best of youth.

the little sister

It's Clé and Jeanne's
older sister, Charlotte,
who designs their clothes.

green chalk boards
flipped vertically


a different point of view

she is 13

le vestaire de clé

not many girls her age
have such a honest
sense of self.


i like the idea of a kit of parts


gregory buntain
industrial designer &
designs accessories for COTO


i listen to neil young when i work

i like the final 3 min. of no more

1. the 2nd to last page

2. metropolitan museum

3. random sketches

corbusier / perriand


dark stained wood

the color of...

guinness beer, old nyc
private investigator offices,
irish pubs, wild west saloons
and avroko interiors

ps: resurrection hand balm
by aesop