I'm down in florida.
and we watched this film.

Tarpon (1972) was directed by
Christian Odasso and Guy de la Valdene.

only 53 min.
the film quietly
if not, disjointedly
documents the beauty
of catch and release fishing

Tarpon is incredible.
It was edited in Paris and then
lost in a barn in Normandy for 35 years.
The director's daughter discovered the film
and had it restored and released.

When watching the film
you can see why hunter s. thompson
and hemingway retreated to The Keys.
Back in the day, the tip off florida was a
counter culture haven of cut off jeans, pet
iguanas and "zen" flat lands fishing.

the film is rough,
raw and imperfect.

there's no story line
and no cohesive dialogue
but Tarpon has this subtle power
that stays with you long after.

Writers, Richard Brautigan and Jim Harrison
make appearances in tie dye on hammocks,
sharing relevatory fly fishing stories.
and at one point Brautigan says:

"to understand belonging one
has to give it up....release it"


Erica Kelly said...

hm i feel ashamed - the floridian that i am - for not seeing this film by now. i will most definitely check it out. thanks for the recommendation!

Anonymous said...

sounds inspiring.
PS - I tagged you! would love to learn more about you :)

Anonymous said...

wow...must see this film...if not for the quote at the end...

Unknown said...

nice descriptions of the film..I'm sold! Adding to my netflix queue this moment..


R4TH said...

this looks innaresting indeed, thanks for the alert...best for 2009.

porter hovey said...

it looks amazing! what a fun way to spend time away from ny.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have to see it... I loved the Lower Keys in the 70's and Harrison is one of my favorite writers. Thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

I just clicked the link, and I see that Jimmy Buffett did the music. He's a friend of my Dad's... now I *really* have to see this!

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