Home Décor and Its Perils

what will change look like
in white house decor?

it must be weird to live
in a house that is not
your own.

it seems like with each new
presidential family comes a total
reinvision of interior design
and what makes the
white house, home

under the knife:

Jackie Kenndey's hired the
french decorator, Stephane Boudin.
The Nixons were all about imperial flare
and The Regans liked florals and red.
Its known that Barbara Bush was
mad for needlepoint.

I'm interested to see how
the more youthful Obama
family will add their
personal touch to
the interiors

I can imagine
the young girls running
through the corridors with Barack
right behind them, flipping off light switches
with his "turn off the lights when
you leave a room"
policy. it will
be grand!


Maia said...

I like that vision of the Obamas.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Carter was the most resourceful and eco-minded. He didn't redecorate since everything was perfectly fine, and he had solar panels installed on the roof. The Reagans on the other hand immediately had these taken down and hired the two most expensive decorators in the country for a complete overhaul.

Anonymous said...

lol - GREAT POST!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it will definitely be a different White House with the Obamas.

monica said...

yes! i love the turn-off-the-switch-rule! change is coming, indeed :)

Michelle said...

I know, I am would love to be a fly on the wall!

Anonymous said...

my goodness - i hope to never hear
the word 'change' again after obama's 8yrs. in office! will the design community just give it a rest! everything in marketing is spun - just like the kennedy camelot idea - please, admit that the obama mystique has been, to a certain extent, fabricated for your viewing pleasure. PLEASE!

and by the way - jimmy carter was a complete failure as a president despite all of his admirable personality traits. ask anyone old enough to have lived through the mess.

Anonymous said...

i would love to think of the the white house as a house with food for thought

but instead i think the change will happen outside

people will realise that no president is ever going to change the white house policy

there is no change in white

only dread in the gaza
the huge new concentration camp