Out of Order

This is Lauren, Lee's sister.
Lee's computer is broken.
So, Lee invited me to post.

Here are 2 or 3 things from me.

1. Tribus de L'OMO (via Mariana van Zeller)
2. Lady Sliders
3. Unemploymentality

Nice to meet you,


Cerré said...

thank u la la, love these links. Ur such a sweet sister! Lee

Erica Kelly said...

thank you for still bringing cheer to this blog :)

Anonymous said...

La, these are some of the most heartbreakingly beautiful images that I have ever seen! The natural expression of and integration between these fellow humans and the deeply felt connection to their environment leaves me certain of the potential for honesty, still.
Thank you so much for this post! On this day before Christmas it is a tonic to me! xxooLynnda B.

Gretchen said...

1. There is something in us that must adorn.
2. One regret: growing up in San Diego and not learning how to surf! (I know, it's never too late...)
3.. breathing a sigh of relief for getting out when I did.

delightful meeting you!

Maia said...

Thanks for the beautiful images, and happy holidays to you both.

Unique Lapin said...

this image is so beautiful.....