A Jesse Kamm
tribute to French Cinema

Title page gunshots
Tu M'as Trop Menti sung by Chantal Goya
in GODARD'S Masculin Feminin (1966)
Walks in a flirtatious Anna Karina in white & red
and then on bicycle
as in TRUFFAUT'S Les Mistons (1957)
lots of blooming flowers...
and then a lovely Jean Renoir homage
of a woman ~ mid air ~ on a swing
Partie de Campagne (1936)
Its all so wonderfully whimsical
Eel fè bô!


From Bugheart
Staying at her brother's apartment in Harlem
The whole look of the place reminds me of
a decrepit elevator signal I once photographed in Shanghai
But back to Bugheart, I love her photography.
The apartment feels like it could be in Paris
I will ponder this interior space
all day

Matthew Higgs

Space/Time, 1975/1976 2006
Framed Book cover

see more book beauty here


Get to know your neighbors.

I'd like to introduce you to my Sausalito neighbor, Jennifer.
Although I live mostly in Brooklyn these days,
Sausalito really feels more like home to me.
I'm always inspired by the funky houseboats,
morning fog horns, poets, barking seals,
and the extraordinary beauty of Ft. Chronkite beach.
I'm also inspired by my own neighbors-->Jen is one local who has a fantastic home.
Jen has kindly allowed us to take a peak into her
highly eclectic and global homestead.

A note from Jen:

"the Taj Majal houseboat is very special to me as I set out on my
first trip to India 12/27/07 - I read a lot of Indian writers and love
the colors and textures mixed with mid-century and
a little French flea market thrown in.
I work for an insurance company as an account executive by day and
write short stories and nest by night. favorite book is probably master
& margarita by bulgakov and favorite movie is probably wings of desire
by wim wenders. music is my drug of choice - listening to twilight
sisters and the veils a lot lately"

On the same note...
Yigal Azrouël + ELLE street style


working class heroes

felt + leather
with a mid-century mindset
I think of Rosie the Riveter
and what she might have carried to work
As they say: "You lose what you don't hold"
practicality + simplicity
is foremost


Bruce Bickford

surreal, one-of-a-kind, claymation master
a living legend of his own fading trade.
For over 40 years, Bickford has created the most elaborate stories
in the basement of his Seattle home.
This ain't no Gumbi
Bickford sculpts clay like Frank Zappa composed music:
irrelevant, unconventional, fantastic, absurd

Watch "Monster Road"
and you can see Bickford hard at work
creating, assembling, modifying
over 100 clay pieces for each and every frame.
This is craft at its best.

Bickford achieved cult status with Zappa's film Baby Snakes (1979)


I apologize for my lack of posts lately
the city is wearing me down

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Maggie Cheung
by Olivier Assayas


Melvin Way

"part musical score, part scientific and mathematical nomenclature"
Way makes me think of that fantastic art organization in Oakland, CA
Creative Growth: Promoting the work of physically, mentally and
developmentally disabled adult artists


Rachel Comey

spring 2008

Miss Porters meets vintage streetwear
I like the mint mixed with taupes, purples and creams


Deborah Bowness

I'm not really into the graphic wallpaper trend
but I like these wallpapers.
Maybe it's their muted color palette,
and - or the very subjects themselves

Sea Ranch
Sonoma, California

a hammer from a model airplane kit
+ my tiffany blue tea set


Joni Mitchell

Have you ever seen Joni's
1970 BBC performance? Incredible.

Joni is a rare and extraordinary beauty
At BCBG Max Azria Spring 2008
the long blond haired model,Tanya Dziahileva
almost-fully radiates Joni's enchanting persona
in sheer tulle pink


Weekend withdrawal

spring, summer, fall, winter...and spring
Korean filmmaker, KIM ki-duk
A tiny Buddhist monastery floats in the middle of a lake
we follow a young monk through the seasons
moving through innocence, love and evil, to Enlightenment and finally Rebirth

one of the most beautiful films I've seen
I especially love the simple ritual of going through the
freestanding gate to enter the lake
and then row, ever so elegantly,
to the floating monastery



screen printed by 5 hands,
with Julie Paterson as the designer,
contemporary Australian fabric goes home


"Living in the Dust"

Written by Joyce Wadler
Photography by Fred R. Conrad

A New York Times piece on a couple living in their Chelsea apartment throughout the renovation. Considering all the pains, trials and errors,
the end results look very good to me.


Carlos Motta

A Sao Paulo native
"surf, fishing and woodworking were always a part of my life"
stray pieces of wood or whatever comes from the sea
are his design inspirations for
architecture, furniture and textiles
An Alvar Aalto in Brazil