in praise of timeless design

1. sartorialist
2. COTO suspenders
3. book ends.

Woolrich Wollen Mills - Made in USA
& the Guernsey Fisherman sweater

via: reference library


our mantels

1. my radiator/mantel
2. La's old apt on 16th & Guerrero
3. some apothecary & maps here

I'm from San Franooklyn

east or west
I'm always listening to:

mattson 2
little wings

..and finding happiness
over here and here


Paolo Pellegrin
captures YSL under
the giant globe lights
I still dream about.

texture and hair.

...and pain.


Maison a Bordeaux
The home designed for a physically
handicapped man is also a dramatic
stage for Guadalupe Acedo and
her daily household chores.
watch her patience.

short films by
Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine
for Rem Koolhaas/OMA

I now have to go
to the Storefront.
so good.


I collect scarves.
So for wednesday
I hope you'll like
a peace treaty.

and "when I make
mistakes I laugh."


Agyness will show us
how to wear a dress.

feet out the window
kind of weather.


My dad sent this to me today.
I think he left his surf board
outside too long!



Bryson Gill

The best part of blogging
is getting the chance to
celebrate a talent
like Bryson.

totem in grey #2, 8.5 x 10 inches

I think of textiles.
so architectural.
so good.

untitled, 14 x 14 inches

Bryson likes...

monumental architecture,
renaissance sculpture, grey, white,
an intense blue, creme brown,
pink, burgundy, ambiguity
....and the idea of romance.


born: Salt Lake City
living: San Francisco
leaving for: Berlin

If you want to see Bryson's work in person,
or simply wanna ask him 2 or 3 things,
don't be shy, drop him a note.
bryson is so so friendly!


Get in touch
with the artists
you love.



Delirious NY

A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan
Proves why Rem Koolhaas is a genius
and why architects should dress-up
as their buidlings.

Desperately seeking:

El Morocco's Family Album

The 1937 blue cloth edition.
I got a rare glimpse of this once,
and I can't stop thinking about it.

El Morocco was the place to be.
Truman Capote, Bogart, Ingrid Bergman,
and Marilyn Monroe were known regulars at
John Perona's east-side speakeasy.

No Captions Necessary.

J.Zerbe's photo album...for MEMBERS ONLY
captured the feverish energy, insanity, and fantastic
debauchery of El Morocco nights. Think Misshapes.
And the iconic blue & white zebra-striped banquettes
made it obvious to anyone looking at a celeb-photo,
that it was taken in El Morocco. brilliant.

[In 1950, Bogart was banned for life for
bringing in a giant stuffed panda bear]


The mannequin left outside my door.
And digging the type font of this
Don James pre-war surf print.


The Canary Project
visualizing global warming

the enormous steel barrier
that protects Rotterdam from
flooding, in the case of
a natural disaster.


one long table.

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Alice Water's style.

the nomadic restaurant.


perverse/surreal - beauty.

19th century bisque doll heads.
From the remains of an
abandoned doll

Thuringia, Germany

The work of artist
Megan Marrin
aka. M. Graves

reminds me of
2 other favorites:

1. ted muehling
2. lulu frost

...and a bag


Superga Torina shoes
"we have Converse...Italians have Superga"

I wore out my mom's pair
and have been searching
for a new pair since.

And then, last Sunday,
Superga was celebrated in the
NYtimes magazine: Men's fashion.
for their "lo-fi Mediterranean cool"
What a description!

Designer: Diego Ficili.
Cost: too much now!!

on the subject of accidents...

Imi Knoebel

via hoping for happy accidents



The first blog I ever read.
I'm a four year veteran.

me at 21.
moby at 21

It all began when
I was a newcomer to nyc. 19.
I think I was drawn to Moby's
daily reflections on mundane
things, like, the weather.

It was comforting to
read about snow falling
on his feet, just as it
fell on mine.

...his travels from
one place to
the next.

...homesickness too.

<span class=


considering moby's
rock star_super_ status,
his posts + photos are truly
honest & expressive in thought.
everything is so approachable,
laid back and revealing.
...as if you, the world,
are a dear old

ps: he cares about things.


Welcome to 'Scheighborhood'

Palazzo Chupi

Julian Schanbel's latest
art project has taken the form
of a 12 story apartment building
in Manhattan's West Village.
Filmmaker, now architect?

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How to describe 'Chupi'...

1. pink, sandstone, "Pompeii red" layer cake.
2. neo-Moorish, arched-window monument to ego.
3. "Baby-Boomer Bohemian Bourgeois"_living
4. ...a monster?

It's so bizarre that I like it.

(Photo credit: Robert Polidori/Courtesy of Vanity Fair)