get to know
mimi cave

she is a friend
of my sis

watch out

you're going
to want eye


i see on the credits
a girl i went to high school with.
it makes sense she does
production design

it's really amazing when
you recognize a name of someone
you know from your younger years
on the web, in a magazine,
from a photograph.

it's great to
see that they're
involved in interesting
projects and doing exactly
what you imagined they
would be doing, but
with an element
of surprise.

dream big
like you did
in school.

keep surprising
yourself and others
and you'll be exactly
who you want to be.

credit: tUnE-yArDs-Bizness
little cave of wonders


old news
but good news

I saw an article
on Paola Navone and
her new collection
of ceramics

balkan inspired
matryoshka colors

but I can't find
any images online

I'm going to
keep hunting
because it was
so incredible

until then
don't be afraid to
explore your more
baroque side

Paola Navone


i have been listening
to this on repeat

for 3 days now

I would advise
sticking through
the entire 10 min

I always wished
i was a jazz musician

I think I would be
a good bassist

never a lead
horn or trumpet

just not my

what would
you be?


this land is your land,
this land is my land

the colossus of roads

"I come from a railroad family,
My grandfather and father each had
a 41-year career on the railroad

The folk art tradition of
chalking monikers on the traveling
billboards of the freight trains dates
back to the 19th century, when hobos
and rail workers broadcast their
presence in the vast network.

I followed this tradition
by fashioning my own icon for
quick application and easy recognition,
and plying the obsessive numbers
game of dispatch.

Anonymously sending
obscure cryptic messages."

-buZ blurr
(bozo texino)

via cork grips

this machine
kills fascists


what we can and
cannot control

i've been in
earthquake country
for a few days now.

my homeland.

and i feel very
vulnerable to the
forces of nature

and the
forces of

more so
than ever.

how bad will it
have to get before we'll
start making significant
changes to sustain
this planet...



informs us
on 3 ways to
support japan.

I want to
cut my hair

arizona muse
has the look

top gun

it's exciting
and bold.

like prada
sp 11


new ways of perceiving the real

the man who
discovered yves klein
and nouveau réalisme

ben vautier

he also
wears suspenders
with shorts

a very important
detail. right?


natural gradients

taizo kuroda

carvahlo bernau

via gota sal viento

ps: listening to
pj harvey's new album