I want to
cut my hair

arizona muse
has the look

top gun

it's exciting
and bold.

like prada
sp 11


Anna said...

Ohh. My hair has never been shorter than shoulder length, but I think I want this.

Oli said...

Please don't.

Unknown said...

I saw these same photos and cut my hair. There must be something especially alluring about this photography. I love it... it can be carefree or very fun when I straighten it with bouncy curls... makes me feel ready for warm weather before it is actually here...

Ivy said...

Wow, that last pic really does look like the girl from top gun, weird.

SaucySwandra said...

there is certainly something about those pics. my sister decided to chop her hair and brought in the arizona muse spread to her stylist. it looks AMAZING.

SaucySwandra said...

There certainly IS something about those photos. When my sister decided to chop her hair she brought the Arizona Muse spead to her stylist. It looks AMAZING.

SaucySwandra said...

PS. our parents are almost done building a house in todos santos. i've had a few people mention your name to me, and that we must meet! i am moving to new york in the fall for graduate school, so perhaps we could meet for a coffee and cake. have you been to sabarsky's in the neue? also, i run a supper club in los angeles, and would like to continue with it in new york. i would love for you to come to an event! check out the blog here: