weekend retreat

The Salk Institute
La Jolla, CA (1965)
Louis Kahn

Brutualism has never looked so beautiful.

An Unforgettable moment: "My Architect" (2003)
Nathaniel Kahn, filmmaker & son of Louis Kahn,
roller blades through the monumental Salk courtyard
as Neil Young sings "Long May You Run" in the background.
Quite a moving tribute to the father he never knew.


Hearth & Fire

the essence of home
and Frank Lloyd Wright's
beloved fixture of the family dwelling.
So timeless and physically enduring,
the fireplace is still a universal symbol of home
...even in the wake of war.



Monica Vitti
under dark skies,
amongst hazardous rocks,
and so facilely chic as she
searches for a lost friend
in the late + great
Michelangelo Antonioni's

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Maison Rêve

When I was back in San Fran for thanksgiving
I was able to visit some of my favorite local stores
one being, Maison Rêve.

I hadn't seen Yasmine's store since
a magazine photo-shoot I assisted on
a few years back. It was very beautiful back then.

But now its quite exceptional
with a matured collection of French linens,
salvaged furniture and pristine kitchenware
...for your that dream home of yours

welcome to maison reve

Maison Rêve
11 Throckmorton Avenue
Mill Valley, CA 94941
email yasmine

Chris is a SF based
Graphic Designer
she always comes up with
the most creative ways to style her
home interiors, office, food presentations...
as well as thanksgiving at the Cerres.

Chris's imaging of leaves for place holders
perfectly fit the theme of our dinner:

Dinner was a random collection
of merry SF pranksters + 2 grandparents.
Grandpa "just loved hangin' with the young people"

so good.


"look at this door"
another awesome photo
from one of Tyler's
rad adventures

Happy Thanksgiving friends
See you Friday

"a window sequence"

(...and see Tyler's surf show on VICE Tv --> Hi Shredability)


A Cup of Jo

has pointed us to Lori Pickert's mid-west home
which was featured in Cookie Magazine
a few months back.

I loved it so much,
I had to post it myself.

Lori Pickert's red barn makes
for an incredible work space.
And check out those windows.


House of Sand

A film by
Andrucha Waddington

1910 Maranhao, Brazil
Pregnant Aurea and her aging mother
are abandoned in the desert where endless sand
consumes and desecrates all signs of life.
This film is spectacular and quite a challenge to watch.
Everyone moment is desperate.

We watch Aurea
(ironically in beautifully tattered Victorian garments)
as she searches for food, water and attempts to build
a home that is constantly filling with sand.

I paired these visuals with interior photos from poesie et verite
who traveled to Namibia and took some incredible photographs
of an African ghost town

...filled with sand


Ninh Wysocan

spiderwebs of
crochet + metals

~victorian meets modern~

See Ninh's work on the runways
The presentation of her collection is quite mesmerizing


This, from Montmartre's Sketchbook,
led to a further exploration of Introphonic's photography.
These are photos from a day at Bauhaus University
as well as a boutique clothing store in Amsterdam.

...I'm still dreaming of Bauhaus, a tan leather satchel
and a closet full of white dresses




At a party the other night I met a very
cool woman who works for Avro-KO,
a growing Architecture & Design firm in Nolita, NYC
Their work includes the top restaurants, hotels and
"smart.space residential" projects in the city.

Avro-KO's aesthetic is a beautiful
mixture of contemporary industrial chic
& 1920's Shanghainese-like decadence.
A clean convergence of OLD + NEW

But what I love most about Avro-KO's spaces
is their great attention to identity + details.
They craft the whole package:

furniture, lighting, stationary, keys,
menu, soaps, graphics, leather-work


weekend retreat

Glenn Murcutt
The Marie Short House
NSW Australia

Glenn Murcutt's architecture
touches the ground so lightly

Murcutt reads the Australian
landscape, climate and native culture
with such great thought and innovation.
I love how his modernist forms derive from the
native woolsheds in rural New South Wales
Above, The Marie Short House was constructed
with found / recycled materials and topped with a
simple corrugated roof.

But my favorite has to be the
home he built for an aboriginal artist

(images via Kristov Krusjev and NYtimes)


Organized Collections

1. South Seas bowl (Papersheets)
2. "i collect them. even though i am not religious." (Bird in the Hand)
3. Bangles...and see some Keys & Bone (Janick)


Went to Storm King last weekend
A very nice & beautiful break from the city
I especially loved the part of the drive
when we took a wrong turn and ended up alongside
white farmhouses with laundry lines & creaking swing sets
It was all so very fall


San Francisco
A sneak peek into the home
of a design + fashion merchandiser


Domino Sugar Refinery
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

After years of battling the forces of real-estate
NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission voted unanimously
September 25 , to declare the sugar refinery a landmark. Hurray!
This is all great, but I just found out that the large sign & building
facing the East river, is not part of the designation report
and will subsequently be removed.
But to many of us...



~Domino Sugar~
has to be one of the most beautiful & iconic
company signs of all time--a typographer's classic.
At night, when I stare through the J subway window
I'm further mesmerized by Domino's latest bout with lettering.
Sprawled across the plant's southern side
a giant red neon sign reads. No, screams:

Without the sign, Domino will be just like any other factory.
The lingering architecture is worth preserving, but I would say that
NYC knows Domino first & foremost by the lettering on its walls...
The trademark sign has carried more than just a brand,
but a history of what industry once was in America.
This will be a great historical loss for the people.
A visible void in our daily commute.


A Vintage sink and Portuguese tiles

Graphically, I think of :

1. This illustrious COLORS issue #27
2. Pedro Almodóvar's film locations
3. A Ervilha Cor de Rosa

(NYtimes / "Landmark Status" / photo: Marlyn Thompson)


Rose & Radish
Design IM Dorf , Germany

I was inspired by K. at hoping for happy accidents
and her primitive huts when I stumbled upon
Jan Hartman's Smoke House Incense Burner

2 more things...
1. Roost Acacia Wood bowl, California
2. Monacca Bag-Kaku Wooden Brief Case, Japan



Casa Rudin
Herzog + de Meuron
Leymans, France

A contemporary "Primitive Hut"