a tip from joey roth

listening to cymande

we had a dance party
on thanksgiving.

a little shewolf
action x 20

 ps: i was looking at
nyc apartments on craigslist
and stumbled upon a brilliant post.
Instead of writing about the loft
they posted this video.

i want to
live with the
brat pack.


the old man and the sea

tell me a "big fish" story

or some kind of
an exaggeration
of the truth


forgotten frames

do you see yourself
growing old in the city,
or out in the country?

but 45 min
to a city

enjoy your thanksgiving


here on the range i belong
pledging my love to the ground

i'll keep rolling along.
drifting with the tumbling

ps: the tumble weed in my sister's
bungalow really ties the


down in LA

...where the light
makes me feel a bit
closer to Mexico

I'm not mexican
but mexico has always been
a great comfort to me and my family.
i think it might be a california thing.

you know,
our population is
almost 50 / 50 now.

i would be down
if we all switched
to spanish.

if you live in california
you gotta speak some spanish.
it should be a requirement.


i'm not young enough
to know everything
- oscar wilde

Plain I see you Western youths


We debouch upon
a newer, mightier world,
varied world.


For we cannot tarry here,
We must march my darlings,
We must bear the brunt of danger,

We the youthful sinewy races,
all the rest of us depend.
Pioneers! O pioneers!


what are your apartment

 1. wood floors
2. white walls
3. a fireplace

and tall windows

i like to scatter
color and artifacts
in clean white spaces.

ps: i have a fear
of non-lived in spaces

one of the reasons
 i didn't pursue architecture,
was that i didn't want to
build anything new.

1. white chapel via remodelista 
2. a store on mulackstrasse, berlin 
3. my rental in berlin

mono rothko scarves




today's design

list the most handsome,
graphically alluring
skin products


do the products
live up to their

the aisles and aisles
of products and promises
shoved down our throats today
seem to sell us more insecurity
than transformation.

 it's a vicious cycle.

maybe we would all be
a lot happier if we had
fewer choices.

ps: i stick to 3:
sold at whole foods.

aesop via: lark


that moment in cinema
when capturing the human face
still plunged audiences into
the deepest ecstasy,

when one literally lost oneself
in a human image as one would in a philtre,
when the face represented a kind of
absolute state of the flesh,

which could be neither
reached nor renounced.

Roland Barthes


 the time has come
my friends

if you look to your
left, you'll see an ad
...or two.

after a year of
holding back, weary
 of advertising on a blog...

i have decided to
embrace an ad or two
as a means to sustain this
 curious & exposed lady
i call 2 or 3 things

and in this rhythm
of surrendering to new
ideas and possibilities

i have made it
a personal design challenge
to advertise companies that
mean something to me.

companies that try look
at objects, design, media
in a different way.

 I expect you
to be suspect

and thus, i hope this
continues the dialogue
i enjoy so much



mountain of storms
part 1 (1968)

was a big hit
when i projected it
on my wall last

well, the secret
is out now.

starring: yvon chouinard
doug tompkins, dick dorworth
and chris jones.

it doesn't get better
than this.

ps: 180 south

i leave
when things
get too stuffy
or, too restrained

le corbusier &
charlotte perriand
dormitory room

diet saylor


in search of eustace

scottish photographer
david eustace chronicles
his 3 week road trip with
his 16 yrd old daughter

they hiked canyons,
got caught in rainstorms,
played guitar and visited
eustace, texas.

and they will forever
remember where they were
when the king of pop died.

a very moving
photo essay

ph: david eustace
and rachel eustace