today's design

list the most handsome,
graphically alluring
skin products


do the products
live up to their

the aisles and aisles
of products and promises
shoved down our throats today
seem to sell us more insecurity
than transformation.

 it's a vicious cycle.

maybe we would all be
a lot happier if we had
fewer choices.

ps: i stick to 3:
sold at whole foods.

aesop via: lark


The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Chanel Gardenia perfume, Babassu Body Crème and Pangea Organic Soaps.

Anonymous said...

Aesop products absolutely live up to the packaging.... have used for years.

ps. Aveda Hydrating Lotion (body), Aesop Primrose Creme (face), Chandrika soap from India, Chanel Exclusif Cologne

Anonymous said...

Rudy's Brand TM

Mitzikat said...

d'avines essential hair care line http://www.davines.com/home.html
the moisturizing shampoo & conditioner are the best i've ever used

Muffy Sainte-Marie said...

Bioethique Organics. Always. http://www.bioethiqueorganic.com/
And Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castille Soap.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Bronner's definitely lives up to its packaging.

Wheardo said...

Giant squirty bottle of bronners, lavender, LUSCIOUS, or tingly peppermint. Discovered it travelling in cali, can't get it in the UK boohoo

lark about said...

Yes Aesop is amazing. It's really good for sensitive skin that is disagreeable and hard to balance. I can't live without the fabulous face cleanser.

honeydonthink said...

Recently got hooked on Santa Maria Novella products from Florence. Milk cleanser, rosewater and moisture cream with bee pollen all in beautiful packages from hundreds of year old recipes. Expensive but last a long time - the stores in NYC and LA are both wonderful.

Anonymous said...

i started making my own skin care products with the lovely oil selection at Rainbow-perfectly packaged in amber glass bottles and no label!

when i want a pamper it is InFiore and nothing else-the work of a genius

Unknown said...

I quite like Baxter's packaging, though I can't personally speak for what's inside:

also, stopped by originally with the purpose of suggesting that this is something you might enjoy:

Anonymous said...

about fewer choices - recently i listened to this great speech:


love your blog

best regards

Anonymous said...

Less is more
the most beautiful packaging!!!! trust.xxx

johanna said...

love weleda and hauschka. prefer hauschka everything but weleda is a bit cheaper. hauschka shampoo feels very indulgent as it's so pricey but i think it's worth it - the green nasturnium one!

M.T.Frazer said...

Gold Bond Medicated Powder. Particularly the extra strength variety in the mint green and red package. Although, I don't know if it really fits into the category.

Anonymous said...

Korres products have the best packaging.Incredible quality also!

Ann-Marie said...

I think you might like queen helene products, esp. tea tree deodorant


Cerre Francis said...

I love Marvis toothpaste. The packaging is lovely and the copy is great.

Unknown said...

Their shop interior are just breathtakingly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Do they sell us insecurity, or do we buy it?

virginia said...

insecurity is wrapped around us with that first swaddling.

i love jurlique's packaging and frosted bottles, and i swear by their 30 spf lotion.

i also love the md forte II products, but their packaging could use a redesign. their decorative, removable dome cap is a waste of plastic.

when i open my box from skincarerx (i swear i'm only a customer!), i'm always delighted to find samples tucked into a sheer, organza be-ribboned bag.