weekend retreat

The Salk Institute
La Jolla, CA (1965)
Louis Kahn

Brutualism has never looked so beautiful.

An Unforgettable moment: "My Architect" (2003)
Nathaniel Kahn, filmmaker & son of Louis Kahn,
roller blades through the monumental Salk courtyard
as Neil Young sings "Long May You Run" in the background.
Quite a moving tribute to the father he never knew.


Debi van Zyl said...

one of my favorite buildings because of it's materials... streaking teak with beautiful concrete. wonderful!

Unknown said...

Yeh My father the architect is beautiful. Hilarious at times, naieve sometimes, bur very moving all through. The little tribute speech in the end on the stunning Bangladeshi administrative complex was pure and fitting.

Kelly said...

I'm going to have to disagree with this one... I thought the rollerblading through the courtyard was sooo cheesy...
although the entire movie was moving in a very human way.

janine de waal said...