get to know
mimi cave

she is a friend
of my sis

watch out

you're going
to want eye


i see on the credits
a girl i went to high school with.
it makes sense she does
production design

it's really amazing when
you recognize a name of someone
you know from your younger years
on the web, in a magazine,
from a photograph.

it's great to
see that they're
involved in interesting
projects and doing exactly
what you imagined they
would be doing, but
with an element
of surprise.

dream big
like you did
in school.

keep surprising
yourself and others
and you'll be exactly
who you want to be.

credit: tUnE-yArDs-Bizness
little cave of wonders


samantha ramage said...

omg love what you wrote. i always wanted to write in elementary school -- and here i am with a blog!


jokemijn said...

i'm going to keep that quote of yours in mind.

v said...

i loved this!

r.f. said...

I love stumbling upon people from the past in contexts you never expected to. This happened to me a few years ago right here on 2 or 3! It's always such a pleasant surprise - and much different than simply checking up on folks via social networks.

Nikki said...

This makes me soooooo happy!!!!! <3!!!!!

ju-s said...

that's great! thank you for sharing!
all the best from hamburg, ju

Dominique / Laurent said...

j'aime votre blog et ce que vous partagez de vous. Je ne comprends pas bien l'anglais et je me sers du translator de google. Mais je crois que j'en capte l'essence et ça me plaît. Idem la vidéo.....

Kelly P. said...

This just makes me so happy! :D