what we can and
cannot control

i've been in
earthquake country
for a few days now.

my homeland.

and i feel very
vulnerable to the
forces of nature

and the
forces of

more so
than ever.

how bad will it
have to get before we'll
start making significant
changes to sustain
this planet...


Anonymous said...

Your pondering about how better to 'sustain this planet' is dandy--but there's zero that humans can do to prevent earthquakes--which have nothing to do with global warming and whatever else people go on about to better sustain Earth... So your asking how 'bad' do things have to get before we make changes to 'sustain this planet' (whatever that means) has nothing to do with 'natural forces' so your rhetorical question makes no sense

galatea. said...

apparently we sit in the pacific ring of fire and lately it's been a chain of events: new zealand, chile, japan.. and guess who's next going clockwise in that lil' ring?



alexa said...

I've been thinking the same thing and feeling the same way here in san francisco. I truly hope this will show more people that nuclear energy is not an option.

embodying paradise said...

the earth lives its life and we are just the ants in relation with earth and the universe. but human´s dignity is enormous ! we are just one the species that had luck in the natural selection to survive and create our little kingdoms. however universe is in the constant change, and as we are a product of the evolution - we come and we disappear. like dinosaurs did. like lots of things that existed and do not anymore -

Maria Riazzoli said...

I totally agree!!

by land by air by sea said...

in 1982 London,
my flatmate's welsh-peace -activist mother,
decided to take the "american" to greenham common.

greenham common lasted 19 years. 19years of women for peace.

may we encircle japan with our love
but more importantly, with change.

rebbeca said...

I love your blog. I folow