dark stained wood

the color of...

guinness beer, old nyc
private investigator offices,
irish pubs, wild west saloons
and avroko interiors

ps: resurrection hand balm
by aesop


Lark said...

I love aesop too!

Lark said...

I'm such a geek, you linked the aesop to Lark!


Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying your site, L.

If you can't tell who I am from my email, here's a reminder:

...friend of LB, know your mom, live in C, show in NY, you came, and we had lunch together!

I am loving brown these days as well.
Keep up the gorgeous work.


Maia said...

mmmmmmm...as one who used to work in antique restoration, the sight of a good wood polish makes my fingers tingle. I can just smell it. And yes, my hands were never the same afterward.

tapecase | r s e said...

the avroko just knocked my socks off!
which is good cos i need to take a shower and get to work! thanks for the inspiration....again!!!