a lower heel

for those of us
who can't walk at
high elevations

stella sp11
lanvin sp11


carl said...

oh-yes ! i agree so much with the quality of a democratic height in life.
makes you look busy with thoughts and all
of all the old girls with their (neverlow)-boutin crutches you better beware of:
..but she's badly built
And she walks on stilts
Watch out she don't fall on you...

Anonymous said...

awesome blog!! :)

check out our blog:

- Jessel

Le Loup said...

love them too!

Monique said...

Love the flats. I'm a huge, huge fan of minimalist flats.

lauren said...

YHIPPIE for flat shoes!
seriously - it is about time!

i love your blog! really - it is my favorite! :)


tereza said...

ooooh, yes
very nice blog, thank you for your work

Cobalt Violet said...

Hurray! Shorter heels! Feels like a miracle!